Bitcoin vs. Ripple: BTC Leads The Charts While XRP Follows

Bitcoin is moving with a nice pace and is reflecting prosperous future ahead. The coin acts as an anchor to many altcoins in the market, and Ripple (XRP) is one of them. The momentum in XRP is quite similar to BTC.

Ripple went through a rough time as many other coins who suffered terribly in the price drop. The current momentum in XRP is almost similar to BTC, meaning a brighter future is waiting for Ripple investors as well.

Let’s compare BTC and XRP price movement so get a precise picture.

Bitcoin and Ripple current statistics:

Particulars Bitcoin Ripple
Price (USD) 09:09:25 UTC $7959.3 $0.39540
Market Capitalization 140,847,159,668 USD 16,688,622,089 USD
24hr Volume 17,762,234,105 USD 1,407,850,960 USD
Circulating Supply 17,752,675 BTC 42,238,947,941 XRP
Return on Investment (ROI) 5,763.90% 6,626.44%

BTC and XRP Price Chart:

Bitcoin vs. Ripple price chart - june 11


In the last five days chart, XRP is seen moving in a similar way as BTC is moving. BTC was trading at $7841.6 on 6th June. The price experienced a drop of 4.20%, as the price dropped from $7841.6 to $7512, on the same day. If we compare the same situation with XRP, then it reflected a hike of 7.64%, as the price shifted from $0.40149 to $0.43218. Both the coins touched the highest price of the last five days on 7th June, which was $8123.2 (BTC) and 0.43218 (XRP).

BTC price dropped from $7814.2 to $7525.0, marking a regression by 3.95% whereas XRP slipped from 0.40467 to $0.37340, giving 7.72% drop. The same is the biggest drop in BTC and XRP in the last five days.

However, the price in BTC jumped from $7632.2 to $8053.4, marking a progression by 5.35% on 10th June 2019. On the same day, XRP also escalated from 0.38411 to 0.40323 and booked an increase of 5.07%.

Both the coins are exhibiting a quite similar movement, but BTC is recovering at a more steady rate.

Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Ripple and Bitcoin are both fortune markers of the market. XRP and BTC are moving ahead and in the right direction. The coming months will soon help the traders to recover money. People who are confused amidst BTC and XRP must have got a clearer picture with the comparison. You can know more about XRP Forecast and know future prices of XRP coins from our forecast section.

Mehak Punjabi

Mehak Punjabi is a post graduate in MBA with specialization in Finance and has joined CryptonewsZ with a skill building view in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. She is dynamic and a quick learner with a hold on financial analysis.

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