Bitcoin Vs. Ripple Price Analysis: Besides the Hike in the Intraday; Market is Dragging the Coins Down

  • The high-powered mining rigs has accelerated the Bitcoin mining. The introduction of SHA-256 has helped the network to touch a massive high of over 91 exa hash per second (EH/s).
  • The founder of Coil, Stefan Thomas, has recently shared how the XRP platform is using web monetization to set a new standard for content creators and consumers around the web.

Current Statistics of BTC – XRP:

Parameters Ripple (XRP) Bitcoin (BTC)
Price (USD) 0.2648 10200.32
ROI 4,427.11% 7,451.86%
Market Rank 3rd 1st
Market Cap 11,405,288,580 USD 182,778,189,519 USD
24-Hour Volume 1,111,090,443 USD 16,663,752,663 USD
Circulating Supply 42,890,708,341 XRP 17,888,450 BTC
Price in BTC 0.00002605 NA

BTC – XRP Price Comparison:

BTC - XRP Price Prediction

Both Bitcoin and Ripple started trading yesterday on a high note. Till 9:00 UTC on the other day, the coin duo has shown a slightly declining trend. During the period, bitcoin has declined by 3.04% to the level of $10607.33, and Ripple (XRP) went down by 4.11% to the level of 0.2704 USD. Both the coins hovered around those levels till 9:00 UTC. And there came another spike in the coins. Amidst the dip, Bitcoin breakdown by 5.64% and touched the $10438 mark. Similarly, XRP declined by 4.37% to the level of $0.230. Around 4 UTC today, the strengthening started in the coins, and both moved toward their current position.

BTC – XRP Price Prediction:

Although the cryptos are showing some bounce back right now, the long-term trend shows an overall declining action. Nevertheless, both cryptos have strong fundamentals and will surely give good returns in the long-term.

As per past data and analysis, Bitcoin might trade around $15 k in the long run. Also, click here to find more information about BTC forecast.

And for Ripple (XRP) the long-term expectation is around its 90-day high of 0.5 USD. As of now, Ripple faces immediate resistance at 0.27175 USD and support at 0.259 USD. For Bitcoin, the immediate resistance is at 10,417.5 USD and support level at 10,009.51 USD.

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