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Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: What Would You Bank Upon? Bitcoin’s Bigger Yields or Ripple’s Promising Future?

  • Bitcoin and Ripple faced four huge price variations each in the last 5 days.
  • Both the coins have bullish medium-term outlook.

The volatility in the price of Bitcoin has pushed the attention of investors towards many other alternative coins. Bitcoin has moved from 8000 USD to 13,000 USD and fell back to 9000 USD in just a matter of a few days. This makes the perfect time to consider other stable coins like Ripple for long-term investment along with Bitcoin for having a perfect hedge. Here is an analysis of the price movement of Bitcoin and Ripple in the last 5 days. Let us look at the current details of the coin first.

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Statistics-

Bitcoin Vs Ripple
Bitcoin Vs Ripple Chart
04th July 07:56 UTCBitcoin (BTC)Ripple (XRP)
ROI (Return on Investment)8,587.90%6,774.32%
Coin Circulation17,797,137 BTC42,566,596,173 XRP
Market Cap208,915,351,911 USD17,218,421,413 USD
Value in USD11,739.23 USD0.4006 USD
All-Time High20,089 USD3.84 USD
24h Volume28,925,571,097 USD1,334,015,605 USD

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Comparison-

Both Bitcoin and Ripple have faced four major price variations each in these five days. Bitcoin got its first hike between 29th June 04:00 UTC and 29th June 21:00 UTC of 7.27% and this hike added 826 USD to Bitcoin’s price. It was followed by a dip of 20.25% that happened over the next 2days and this fall costed the coin 2465 USD. However, a small hike of 1888 USD or 19.49% was noticed between 11:40 UTC of 02nd June and 05:35 UTC of the same day.

XRP started with a hike of 6.70% between 29th June 03:55 UTC and 30th June 00:10 UTC. It was followed by a fall of 8.59% or 0.03 USD over the next 1 day. Again, a fall of 7.40% was noticed between 02:05 UTC of 01st June and 20:05 UTC of the same day.  This fall cost the coin 0.03 USD.

In the latest one Bitcoin faced was a hike of 9.39% or 1032 USD. This hike happened over 15 hours starting from 09:10 UTC of 03rd June. Similarly, XRP’s latest hike happened between 02nd June 11:30 UTC and 03rd June 05:45 UTC. This hike added 0.0247 USD to the coin’s value.

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Prediction-

Both the coins have bullish medium-term outlook. By the end of 2019, Bitcoin may trade around 15,000 USD to 20,000 USD, and XRP’s target for the same time period is 0.75 USD mark.

The next resistance points for Bitcoin are 12346.84667 USD, 12732.42333 USD, and 13496.76667 USD. The support levels are 11196.92667 USD, 10432.58333 USD, and 10047.00667 USD.

And the resistance points for XRP are 0.412939333 USD, 0.417346667 USD, and 0.425454333 USD. The support levels are 0.400424333 USD, 0.392316667 USD, and 0.387909333 USD.


Both the coins have bullish medium-term. XRP seems less volatile than Bitcoin. Investors can use XRP as a hedge against the volatility of Bitcoin for stability in the portfolio.


Ruti Vora

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