Bitcoin’s turning point may occur at $45k level of resistance

Bitcoin’s previous resistance level was set at $35k. The next is at $45k, with BTC holders expecting to gain fruitful results. It especially pertains to those who have held their portfolio for mid-term purposes. Bitcoin currently bears the flag of dominating the market by a broader margin and will soon surpass its ATH of $65k next year.

That is precisely a reason why BTC holders are confident that touching the milestone of $45k could be a turning point for them.

Bitcoin reaching $45k means that several investors have recovered their costs already. These are those who revised their portfolios with additional BTC tokens in the last 2–3 years. They have indeed been with Bitcoin through thick and thin, now looking to gather the lost price momentum. It also demonstrates a strong conviction in the value of Bitcoin for the long term.

The trading value is at $41,419.77, representing an increase of 0.18% in the last 24 hours. Any value above the $41k mark holds significant gains, considering it struggled to survive at around $20k a few months ago.

Those who bought the token in the previous 2-3 years own roughly 16% of the total supply. That is, the next price change will be determined by how they choose to handle their assets. They are less inclined to succumb to sales pressure. This is evidenced by the fact that the SEC is expected to accept all Spot Bitcoin ETF applications concurrently in early January of next year. Furthermore, Bitcoin halving could occur in the middle of 2024 to increase the price even further.

Unless there is a wish to claim the current growth and ignore what is about to come in the future, the transition to move above the ATH will happen soon. Bitcoin predictions estimate that the trading value at the end of the year will be $64k+. Experts expected the minimum to reach $26,645.88. Now that that value is far away on the graph, it is only logical to expect that it will inch closer to that desired value.

Mid-term holders will influence market trends since they make up one-third of the realized cap of Bitcoin. The $45k is a break-even point for them, and chasing profit is preferable.

Understanding that volatility is at play every second in the crypto market, inventors may choose to settle for the equalizing point. Having said that, there is also a chance that they will stay put for a further upward trajectory.


Hence, it has been determined that the $45k mark in Bitcoin value will be a turning point. There is a high chance that it will continue the growing momentum instead of plunging to another low. ETH has come out in support of the crypto market, too, with the current value being $2,203.03.

Trevor Holman

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