BitConnect Promoter Calen Powell Detained and Questioned by FBI

Just after the failure of BitConnect which came in January 2018, the U.S Law Enforcement is keeping a strict eye on the people which are connected with BitConnect.

According to the latest YouTube video released by Calen Powell, who is also known as Crypto Clover, he states that he has been restrained, threatened and interrogated by FBI. He also said that FBI captured his entire money and electronics as soon as he tried to enter the United States.

At the beginning of the year, the popular crypto exchange disappeared from the market instantly. BitConnect is the biggest scam occurred in the Crypto space till now, operating a Ponzi scheme [a fraud investment scheme which claims high returns with little or no investment] for BTC investors.

Before the firm was caught in a scam, the company’s promoters were highly involved in sale and exchange of crypto token. Promoters also supported BTC a lot.

As per the investigation, the firm has registered an official address in the UK, and this was done in order to hide all the additional dealings.

One of the official statement issued by the investigators reported:

“The promoters used to mention a special software that used to decide on how low and high points of Bitcoin for purchase and sale respectively. The difference used to be earning and the firm had promised 365% annual return on 1% daily.”

Crypto Clover shared his details through video

Powell indicates that his past might help as an advantage in the investigation. He stated:

“I do have a legal past… so they know about that. The FBI… the ability for them… the information they have access to and the things that they can get from me… They just have a lot of information that they can pull on me. They know about my history, my past already… if they’ve done their due diligence.”

He further added:

“So I’m gonna be talking with the FBI now and dealing with them a little bit. Hopefully, they don’t block my passport and not allow me to leave the country. But I tell you what man when I leave the country I don’t know if I’m coming back for a long, long time.”


Moreover, he also stated that he is planning to get a second passport made, similarly as Glen Arcaro when he left the crypto market. Powel’s main point here was that Glen made the second passport to travel easily if his U.S passport had some sort of restriction. Powell intends to take the same step in the near future.

Powell also reported that he has not yet received any call from SEC and wants to take a legal advice. Till then, he has promised that he will cooperate with the FBI.

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