Bitfinex Releases Staking Rewards for MATIC

Bitfinex recently announced staking rewards for MATIC users on the platform. The venture released an official post on their website to make the announcement. Polygon recently shared 90 million MATIC with Bitfinex to promote staking rewards for users.

Bitfinex anticipates that its audience can earn up to 41% in yearly staking rewards by joining the Bitfinex staking program on ERC 20 MATIC.

The enhanced staking reward is only available for a short time, and the actual rewards can vary too. Users should note that the staking program offered by Bitfinex is subject to multiple terms and conditions. These terms include the ones already stated in its Terms of Services section. You can also read more about the crypto exchanges in France to have a detailed knowledge on the same.

Bitfinex also stated that the platform does not sponsor or endorse MATIC tokens. The platform had already shared an extensive article regarding its Staking Rewards on their Knowledge Base. In addition, the platform specified the wallet address where users can track the funds’ transfer: 0x876eabf441b2ee5b5b0554fd502a8e0600950cfa

The stated 41% rewards were the result of hypothetical calculations surrounding 36 million MATIC in user deposits that are joining the staking program. That is why Bitfinex mentioned that the final rewards could change, including the total MATIC coins deposited by users within the staking program.

Moreover, it accounts for the performance of the third-party staking provider associated with Bitfnex. Users should only use the hypothetical as an illustration instead of a guarantee or prediction. Bitfinex even stated that they do not plan on changing or updating the illustration anytime soon.

Despite such cautious information, the news of MATIC rewards entering Bitfinex attracted a swarm of new users to the platform. Check out this detailed Bitfinex review from CryptoNewsz to learn more.

Trevor Holman

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