Bitfinex Reveals First Wave of Benefits for UNUS SED LEO Token Holders

Yesterday, the largest and one of the most advanced crypto exchanges Bitfinex announced a piece of good news for the UNUS SED LEO (LEO) token holders on Twitter. It is a utility token that was launched by the crypto exchange in the iFinex ecosystem only a week ago. The crypto exchange posted the announcement on its Twitter handle, which entailed about the first wave of benefits for the UNUS SED LEO token holders. As per the announcement, these holders will “have their taker fees reduced by 15% across.” This reduction in the fees will be applicable on all the crypto-to-crypto as well as the crypto-to-stablecoin pairs on the crypto exchange.

The crypto exchange explained the details of this first wave of benefits in its official blog. The target behind the launch of the utility token is to make the Bitfinex traders stronger and efficient. The UNUS SED LEO token will offer a series of benefits in the form of fee reduction, various kinds of discounts, as well as ‘token burns.’ These services are available on all the products, projects, and services offered by the iFinex platform to the UNUS SED LEO token holders.

There is a good offer on the reduction of the taker fees. As per the official blog of the crypto exchange, the platform is offering a 15 percent reduction in fees.

What is the pre-requisite to avail this discount?

The exchange has posted a very simple condition. All the user needs to do is to have an average of just 1 LEO USDt equivalent in their Bitfinex wallets over the last 30 days. The average will be calculated from the 20th of this month. The discount will be analyzed based on every 12 hours. It will be applicable to all the taker fees. All the taker fees from both Bitfinex and Ethfinex will be taken into consideration.

Here come the benefits-

If you want to have a look at the upcoming UNUS SED LEO fee discounts, you can view them at the ‘Bitfinex Fees’ page, or know more about Bitfinex platform with our detailed review. On this page, you can check out all the discounts once you log into your account on the platform. If you wish to check the token fee detailed analysis, you can check them at ‘Summary’ section which becomes visible after clicking on ‘Reports.’ The list of discounts does not stop here. As per the blog, in the coming week, more benefits await the users as the time unfolds. Some of them include things such as “funding/lending fee discounts, deposit & withdrawal discounts, and a series of discounts applicable to upcoming derivatives products.”

The crypto exchange concluded in the following manner-

At Bitfinex, we remain intensely dedicated to growing the range of benefits for Bitfinex traders, continuing to develop the essential infrastructure required for our industry to grow. We welcome you to the era of UNUS SED LEO.

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