Bitfury: A Leading Name That Offers Cutting-edge Blockchain Solutions

Leading European company Bitfury is among the most trusted names in the blockchain space. It has been held in high regard by its clients, and thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, Bitfury is revolutionizing the use of open ledgers in a variety of industries and functional disciplines.

Flagship Products and Services

The company offers a range of products that includes its flagship Exonum blockchain platform that has been specifically designed, taking into consideration a wide range of solutions required by government and commercial organizations. No matter which industry you operate in and what kind of clients you serve, the Exonum platform has been designed to help you easily integrate blockchain solutions into core processes.

Another popular product of the company is investigation software, which has been named the Crystal. It is based on web and relevant for the Law Enforcement Agencies and Financial Institutions, which often require this software to investigate or establish authenticity of the facts related to matters of blockchain. The product is quite useful in ensuring the overall safety and impressed by its capabilities, Hex Trust (one of the leading custodian of digital assets in Asia) has announced a partnership with the Crystal. According to the pact, Hex Trust will utilize the services of Crystal, which is expected to improve scrutiny and due diligence procedures offered by the former to its clients.

The third important product offered by Bitfury is related to businesses and their partners. We know that vendors, partners, and retailers are an important part of the business and without these intermediaries, it is almost impossible for organizations to conduct their business efficiently. Now to make the payment through cryptocurrency streamlined and secure, Bitfury offers the service called Peach – a payment Bitcoin portfolio that helps in the smooth running of the business through the payment management of vendors and retailers.

Bitfury knows the importance of the entertainment industry, and its music division, called Surround, has been working on the application of blockchain technology to improve the overall revenue structure of the industry. The open ledger application will make sure that artists and creators get their share of dues as the music on the blockchain is less likely to be subjected to illegal download or piracy.

Bitfury’s AI venture

Buoyed by the response of its present offerings, Bitfury has also ventured into the artificial intelligence (AI) with the announcement of a new division, Bitfury AI. The company has opened two new offices of its AI division in the Netherland and Italy and with this new division, it seems that Bitfury has added an important element to its service portfolio. It absolutely makes sense for a technology company to have a strong AI arm to stay ahead of the learning curve. No wonder Bitfury has been figured in the list of top 50 blockchain companies announced by Forbes, which is quite a big feat for any technology company by any standards of comparison.


Since its Inception in 2011, Bitfury has remained at the forefront of providing cutting edge blockchain solutions to business organizations, government institutions, and a range of clients serving different customers and clients across industries. The company is expected to scale new heights of achievements in the coming time and now, thanks to the integration of AI, we expect more sophisticated products from the company in the near future. The company needs to continue to keep its focus intact on providing innovative product platforms, novel services, and the highest quality of customer service and it will be sure to reach the pinnacle of success in the coming times. The associations and collaboration that the company is successfully making across the business domains are also going to be beneficial for its future prospects.

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