Bitgert Coin’s future outlook: What sets it apart in the crypto market?

In today’s cryptocurrency market, various possibilities to build generational wealth are endless. The list of new projects and technologies is growing each day, and new investors who are looking to earn passively would be confused about which to invest, especially without doing proper research.

One project regarded as safe, worthy, and beginner-friendly that has been taking the crypto market by storm is Bitgert BRISE. With its high-rated functionality, security technologies, and maintenance teams, Bitgert ensures users’ assets are secure and independently verified. This has made it one of the top projects for new investors looking to earn. 

Let’s discover what sets the Bitgert coin apart from its competitors.

Bitgert’s Compatibility And Smart Contract Functionality

The Bitgert project began in July 2021 under its previous name, “Bitrise”, but later changed to Bitgert in late December 2021. It’s a DeFi-specialized blockchain project that offers various products and centralized exchanges. 

At first, Bitgert was built on the BNB chain, using its token BNB to pay rewards to investors. Fast-forward to 2022, and Bitgert made a significant development: the BRC-20 blockchain. This chain offers high cross-chain speed transactions and zero gas fees, which is around $0.001 per transaction, and allows over 100,000 throughput per second.

The Bitgert network uses various blockchain applications, including DeFi, the metaverse, Web3, and NFTs. Bitgert has also been able to launch multiple projects, such as the Mikasa NFT marketplace, SPYNX Labs, Knit Finance, and DEX, and they are all operating on the BRISE chain. With its compatibility, it allows developers to move projects from Ethereum, properly utilizing its smart contract functionality.

BRISE: A Native Coin of Utility and Scarcity

The Bitgert coin, BRISE, is built on the Bitgert chain. Though it was initially launched as a token on the Bitgert chain, it was later used as the native coin on the blockchain. Some of its primary uses include paying for the Bitgert gas fees, staking, and transactions within the dApps linked to the crypto project. BRISE coin value is majorly influenced by utility, scarcity, and market sentiment, making it a top player in the crypto market.

The total current tokenomics of BRISE includes a supply that is capped at one quadrillion, with a portion that is initially burnt, and the rest is distributed among liquidity, marketing, and the developer team.

With its current market indicators, technology, partnerships and milestones achieved by the coin since its launch, it’s no wonder why investors and experts are excited to see what the future holds for Bitgert. This has made the BRISE coin a commendable asset in the crypto space.

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