Bitgert partners with USM & develops the world’s 1st zero-gas fee Blockchain

Bitgert and USM, short for the United States of Mars, have joined hands to enable Bitgert to establish its headquarters in the metaverse. It would be a virtual headquarters with its presence in the USM metaverse. More details are awaited on the development; however, users have already started expressing their happiness with the collaboration.

Bitgert is the world’s first zero gas fees blockchain known for its secure and scalable blockchain ecosystem. It has registered over 4 million transactions and houses more than 350k community users. Known as a crypto engineering organization, Bitgert is fast expanding its operations and presence with projects across NFTs, DeFi, and Web3 spheres.

Metaverse is on the rise, and if any factor seems to be playing a major role in its growth, then that is the partnership. Brands like Adidas have also come forward to be a part of the virtual world and better connect with the audience. It is obvious that the metaverse is rising at the moment, but the fact remains intact to highlight that the future is near to serve greater advantages to those who move first.The announcement was made by Bitgert and later retweeted by USM.

USM has warmly welcomed the venture into its metaverse, saying that it now looks forward to more exciting news in the future. The effects of the announcement are yet to be seen on its native token – $BRISE – which is trading at a fairly lower price with a drop of 0.83% at the time of drafting this article. It is surely a long shot for the market price to cross $1, but an increase would be rather encouraging amid the announcement of its virtual headquarters.

The United States of Mars has several states with limited parcels that users can explore, purchase, and own. Every state has its characteristics to differentiate it from other states. Users can take a trip in the metaverse, make new friends, and create some value through their presence.

Additionally, the liberty is enough for users to create a real metaverse.

Gas fees on Bitgert go as low as $0.00000001 for every transaction that is executed on the network. It has kept its gates open for developers and users looking to contribute to the development of the overall ecosystem with their projects. Bitgert commits to the involvement of an active community for the purpose of development and support. Its validators are spread across the world to boost 100k transactions every second. The transaction speed is fast to fully justify its stand as a decentralized blockchain.

Its partnership with USM Metaverse is something to look out for. While the details are awaited, it can be safely said that more platforms will be encouraged to establish their headquarters in the virtual world for a better connection with the community.

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