Incredible gain: Bitgert price set to rise +400% in upcoming days

It’s going to be an electrifying rise! Bitgert is on the verge of an incredible +400% price hike in a few days—that’s a killer chance for bold investors. For nascent/seasoned investors, this is the time to adopt real excitement and watch their portfolio skyrocket!

About the project

Bitgert (BRISE) is a crypto engineering company renowned for its advancements in blockchain technology through product innovation and audit proficiency. Besides providing a chance for investors to earn out staking in BUSD, the Bitgert token also facilitates minimizing token supply & boosting token value. Within a short span of fewer than 200 days post-launch, Bitgert unveiled a suite of offerings: Personalized Wallet, Audit Services with Leaderboard, Token exchange, Staking, and Proprietary Exchange on its blockchain network.

Bitgert (BRISE)

Apart from OrangeX, Bitgert tokens are available for purchase on various crypto exchange platforms. Recent trading session indicates that Bitgert’s volume increased by 6.4% during yesterday’s session, suggesting a growing interest in the market.

Bitgert’s unique buyback mechanism

The Bitgert coin facilitates local currency trading through a P2P platform, facilitated by the BRISE Wallet decentralized application. Transactions conducted via this platform are instantaneous, secure, and free of charges. Participants in the trade interact directly with each other, eliminating the need for third parties. The token incorporates a buyback mechanism, where a 5% tax is charged for each transaction, with the proceeds stored within the smart contract. Upon completion of a transaction, a portion of the tax payment is used to automatically purchase tokens from the liquidity pool, which are then burned.

Why BRISE…is nice!

The increase in price occurs when buyers acquire tokens from the liquidity pool, resulting in the addition of new BNB tokens to the pool and a decrease in the number of Bitgert coins (BRISE). This process leads to the creation of “free BNB tokens”, enhancing investor confidence & security. Furthermore, Bitgert allocates 4% of each transaction as commission, which is distributed to investors based on their holdings in proportion, paid out in BUSD tokens. The combined network tax commission amounts to 12%.

Bitgert coins price chart

Witnessing Bitgert’s 24-hour pricing chart, depicted in the form of green and red candles, suggesting some bearish and bullish activity in turn, though at the end, the big red candle, which means a strong price fall or a bearish move. On prices, the Bitgert token had opened at $0.000000224883, reached the same value as its high (H), and fell to a low (L) of $0.000000221028 before closing (C) at this low.

This big red candle—positioned among a row of small ones— suggests a potential bearish sentiment, meaning sellers were in control, pushing prices significantly lower within that time frame. Experts estimate Bitgert coin bull runs to begin soon, as usually happens for crypto and stock market pricing trends after consistent market corrections.

To, or not to Bitgert?

Bitgert’s roadmap gives an optimistic future picture and demonstrates potential growth of +400% in a few weeks. Investors should buckle up for the exciting ride, but again, the onus of capitalizing on such bright forecasts lies in prudent, informed decision-making. Dive in with optimism, but anchor your investments with strategic caution.

Bitgert (BRISE)

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