Bithumb Global Announces New Features of Recently Launched “Bithumb Global” 1.0 Version

Bithumb Global, Bithumb Korea’s global platform, has announced new initiatives and upcoming features on their newly unveiled “Bithumb Global” version 1.0. Bithumb Korea is the top digital currency exchange of South Korea since its inception in 2014. The exchange made an official announcement through a press release on October 1, 2019.

As the press release notes, Bithumb Global is introducing these upcoming tools for creating inclusive community resources along with an upcoming “Unleash” program that tries to add awareness to their plans. The goal is to create a friendlier and better ecosystem of digital assets.

Although it is a spinout, Bithumb Global operates independently from Bithumb Korea. It was unveiled in 2019 to connect market capacity and liquidity to the world.

It has its distinct internal resources to offer an improved trading experience to its global clientele. Its enhanced technologies include coin staking features, advanced engines for order matching, as well as many unrevealed offerings that make it the next-generation global crypto exchange.

The press release also talks about the company’s “BG Staging” offering, terming it as one among their most distinct features. BG Staging not only lets shortlisted projects reach the platform’s community but also helps them drive attention. It also frees the users from having to invest their currency or fiats in fundraising rounds. Instead, it allows users to demonstrate their interest by staking their digital assets. Users then receive their stakes back, along with possibly the featured projects’ token voucher, post the lock-up duration.

In addition to that, the platform has also incorporated stricter security standards, order matching engine with reduced latency, advanced algorithms, friendlier User Interface, and proprietary technology.

Javier Sim, Bithumb Global’s MD and Co-Founder stated that their platform has gone on to become the sole exchange formed in 2019 which holds a ranking in the list of the world’s leading trading platforms.

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