Block, Inc. launches Bitkey Bitcoin wallet in 95+ countries, Jack Dorsey backs

Block, Inc. has developed a self-custody Bitcoin wallet that will be made available in over 95 countries covering six continents, empowering individuals through widened access to self-custody cryptocurrency wallets around the world. 

Millions of Bitcoin token holders store their cryptocurrencies in the custody of the administrators of custodial exchanges or platforms. This novel self-custody solution allows users to retain ownership of their private keys, which are currently stored or remembered on devices or in the form of lengthy passwords, for the purpose of retrieving lost funds.

Bitkey has provided a safe and simple self-custody Bitcoin wallet to save their investments and manage their funds both domestically and across geographical borders. Bitkey is available as a hardware device and a mobile app, including a wide range of recovery instruments that can be used if customers lose their hardware, phone, or both. 

An important part of this accessibility to a self-custody cryptocurrency wallet is to provide a forgiving recovery experience that prioritizes both secure and simple paths to help users recover their lost funds.  

Gareth, a banking professional in South Africa and a participant in Bitkey’s external beta program, asserts that the enrollment process has provided the most satisfactory self-custody user experience (UX). It is an intuitive, simple, and highly responsive device.

A pharmacist/chemist in the United Kingdom, Mitesh P, remarked on how simple it is to integrate Bitkey, noting that no 24 words or passwords are required. In addition, Bitkey formed strategic alliances with Cash App, a prominent financial service application, and one of the most popular global exchanges, Coinbase, to facilitate the transfer of tokens between custodial platforms and exchanges. This collaboration aims to assist users in their transition to self-custody.


Bitkey is a revolutionary multi-sig self-custody cryptocurrency wallet that offers state-of-the-art recovery tools, granting users complete authority over their funds and multiple methods to retrieve their money. Bitkey additionally offers convenience via a specialized mobile application, whose security provides customers with the assurance that their funds can be recovered without difficulty.

Scott Cook

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