Bitlayer launches first official NFT after Mainnet-V1 release

The Bitlayer-backed Mainnet V1 is imminent, and Bitlayer’s minting event will be formally inaugurated on May 4, 2024. Bitlayer has recently announced the official introduction of its non-fungible token to coincide with the Mainnet V1 launch. An incentive known as the Lucky Helmet is available to Bitlayer community members. 

Members of the Bitcoin and Bitlayer communities await a tremendous assortment of 5,000 lucky helmets, which were distributed in a series of events. This magnificent event will take place from April 15 to May 1, 2024. The BitVM paradigm serves as the cornerstone of Bitlayer and is positioned to evolve into the Bitcoin computational layer.

Bitlayer will be the meeting place for stalwarts passionate about exploring the infinite opportunities of NFT (Non-Fungible Token). The Lucky Helmet, a racer trademark, denotes defense and preparedness for the challenges of the upcoming days. It functions as a pass for builders in the Bitlayer system, and the Lucky Helmet is not just an image. The Lucky Helmet is a representation of the contributions made by builders in the Bitlayer extended community.

Key application areas of the Lucky Helmet include airdrop rights, governance rights, multiplier benefits in ecological rights, and campaign points. Participants in Lucky Helmet are regarded as stakeholders in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and are granted prerogatives in the shape of governance rights. Bitlayer team-assigned campaign points will be utilized to the profit of Bitlayer holders. 

In ecological initiatives, they may also obtain the exclusive right to utilize point multipliers in lieu of potential rights. Lucky Helmet is exceptional in every way because it strikes the ideal equilibrium between NFT scarcity and NFT liquidity. They leverage the benefits of both the foundational and secondary aspects of Bitcoin, which include preserving the inherent integrity of assets. 

The optimization of the racer trademark’s circulation efficacy results from the fact that Bitlayer trading is at the discretion of the holders. The most significant benefit of Bitcoin is that its holders can convert it back to Bitcoin using a cross-chain bridge. The information provided by Bitlayer indicates that Non-Fungible Tokens will be issued via a whitelist and minted within a specified time frame.

The Lucky Helmet distribution strategy consisted of priority passes, and public allow listings. Bitlayer community members who are actively engaged are the intended demographic for Lucky Helmet. A total of 1,500 Lucky Helmets will be allocated to Bitcoin enthusiasts. In addition, 2,500 whitelist spaces will be allocated to Bitlayer community members and builders who actively participate. 

The Lucky Helmet distribution period extends from April 17, 2024, to April 28, 2024. Bitlayer’s executive team strongly advocates for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to attend their events and become engrossed in the triumph narrative of cryptocurrencies. Bitlayer’s official X handle will provide additional information regarding the monumental occasion. Bitlayer is collaboratively strategizing the event launch with OKX Wallet, a leading cryptocurrency exchange.

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