BitMart Enters Partnership With AlterVerse for Virtual Store

AlterVerse officially welcomes BitMart exchange to the metaverse, according to the newsletter shared on June 2. BitMart has begun building its new virtual store in the Sky City area in AlterVerse. The partnership hopes to provide a whole new suite of services to players interested in trading their items in the metaverse.

AlterVerse is a metaverse project designed to bring an immersive gaming experience to its users. Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, the project has brought in one of the best visual outputs in the metaverse frontier. In addition to gaming, players are also allowed to access multiple features like building, shopping, trading, socializing, and various other P2E options.

The metaverse project was recently selected for Season 4 of the Binance Labs Incubation Program. The program offers eight weeks of mentorship from experts from various areas and introduces the project to potential investors worldwide. This all-around program also offers PR, marketing, and legal support and guidance to AlterVerse metaverse.

In recent times, metaverse projects like AlterVerse have become fertile soil for all kinds of businesses to sow their seeds. Powered by NFTs, the metaverse users create millions of products every day, including collectibles, digital accessories, etc. The massive growth has made metaverse a natural attraction for exchange platforms across the blockchain industry.

BitMart, one of the leading crypto exchanges in DeFi, has announced joining AlterVerse to market the metaverse products worldwide. The exchange has served over 9 million users since its inception in 2018. Currently, it supports 180 countries with a staggering 1000+ currency pairs. The exchange is responsible for a daily volume of $2.5 billion, as per reports.

The BitMart storefront in Sky City will offer various services to users in AlterVerse. It offers futures, charting, staking, and more. BitMart also has a learning platform to guide users in trading or to launch their tokens, which would be of great use in the metaverse. 

BMX is the native token of the BitMart exchange, and users can get up to a 25% discount on select transactions while using the BMX tokens. Furthermore, the tokens can be used to unlock several other benefits on the BitMart storefront in AlterVerse.

The AlterVerse team expressed their delight in working with an experienced side such as BitMart. They hope that the exchange could play a key role in expanding the metaverse into the crypto space. When asked about the partnership, BitMart’s CBO Kaimin Hu said, “BitMart is pleased to join Sky City and help build the metaverse frontier.”

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