BitMart Launches a New Program to Build Brand Awareness

BitMart launches the country ambassador program to expand its brand awareness, engage with different communities and get them involved in the cryptocurrency economy. According to the BitMart review report, under the BitMart Country Ambassador Program, the newly appointed country ambassadors of BitMart will get salary and profit-sharing options on trading fees along with some competitive bonuses.

The main task of the ambassadors will be to acquire new users through both offline and online modes. The ambassadors must be familiar with all the BitMart products and services to convince potential customers to register on the BitMart exchange.

The Country Ambassadors will be tasked with growing their online communities on social sites like LinkedIn and Telegram for their particular country. The ambassadors will also be required to share all social media promotions and announcements from BitMart on all their social media to increase the community reach of BitMart. In addition, ambassadors should also try to provide local language translations for all BitMart content.

Ambassadors can also be involved in organizing in-person meet-ups and locally relevant online partnerships. The primary role of the ambassador is to provide insights to make BitMart locally relevant.

To apply for the position of a country ambassador, one needs to be fluent in English, have at least a year of digital marketing experience, and have a clear understanding of blockchain economies. In addition, the total number of social media followers and the total number of group members subscribed to a candidate will also be considered when recruiting ambassadors. The ambassador program will also have a specific target number of users. If the ambassadors fail to meet this requirement per their employment conditions, they may be terminated from service. 

The BitMart Country Ambassador Program is an innovative initiative that may, in the long run, help BitMart grow internationally and also popularize cryptocurrency investments among the general public.

Scott Cook

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