BitMart’s Mission X Opens Doors For A Successful Trading Journey

It will not be an overstatement to say that cryptocurrency trading exchanges have played a major role in popularizing and revolutionizing the crypto arena in the past few years. The exchange platforms have helped in bridging the gap between the investors and their favorite digital currencies by providing a safe, secure, and trustworthy trading solution to the global crypto enthusiasts. At present, the market is home to some of the biggest trading exchanges which handle millions of worth transactions on a regular basis. One such leading cryptocurrency exchange is “BitMart.”

Founded in 2017, BitMart works as a leading cryptocurrency trading exchange platform that strives to enhance the capacities of the global financial system through its world-class services. The core team members of the exchange include best professionals and technicians who work together to create a user-friendly and economical crypto trading solution for individuals as well as enterprises. In its short span of working, BitMart has expanded its operations in heaps and bounds in more than 180 countries. The platform proudly caters to the requirements of more than 900,000 customers worldwide through its offices in New York, Greater China, Seoul, and Hong Kong.

BitMart aspires to offer the best services to its customers by identifying the issues hovering the crypto industry and presenting a solution solving any such issue. It is committed to giving the best customer care services to the clients with an aim to build a bond of trust with them. By providing a wide range of assets in a seamless environment, the exchange is adamant about eliminating the entry barriers as well as operational limitations for clients worldwide. The numerous top-grade digital assets, an industrial developer platform, customizing features, and best management solutions are some of the most lucrative attributes of BitMart exchange that place it a notch higher in comparison to its competitors.

About Mission X And Its Unique Features

BitMart has earned the trust of the customers by understanding their needs and aspirations and taking the necessary steps to fulfill them. This thinking led to the formation of Mission X: The Community Listing Market. For a project to get listed in the market platform, it has to pass the preliminary testing phase. The projects will receive investment from the supporters in the form of BMX tokens.

Any project which earns a support amount of 1 million BMX within 30 days will be selected, and the BMX trading area will be activated in the next 48 hours span. The BMX tokens of the participants shall be locked for 90 days post, which they will get a fair chance to either support or withdraw support from the project. In case of withdrawal, the locked BMX amount is returned to the participant account. The projects which fail to touch the 1 million mark are removed from the lighting zone and the locked tokens are returned to the supporter account in the next 3 working days. The delisted project gets the chance to return to the Investment Lab only when the locking BMX reaches 1 million mark again.

The selected projects enter the BMX market and the users are allowed to list their tokens on the network as a trading pair for BMX. The transaction fees accrued from the BMX market are rewarded to the supporters on a regular basis.

The transaction fees in the BMX market on a particular day will be rewarded to the supporters in response to their BMX lookup percentage at 8:00 PM (EDT) on the very next day. In the first three days of each month after the listing, BitMart opens the locking opportunity for up to 5 million BMX worth. A user who recalls the locked BMX, he or she revoke their right to receive trading fee dividends.

The Benefits of Mission X

  • Interestingly, Mission X gives customers the golden opportunity to choose their favorite projects from an array of options available. This gives them the power to invest their funds in high-potential projects by allowing its listing on the exchange at their will.
  • The new projects that have just completed their ICO phase often face difficulties in taking the next big step. Mission X helps such projects to enjoy the benefits of getting listed in a reputed crypto exchange. This acts as a major boost for their development, growth, and innovation.


The crypto industry is highly dynamic in nature, with prices and trends fluctuating every minute. This makes it very important for the industry players to keep a vigilant eye on the market for ensuring good returns. BitMarket helps the investors to indulge in secured and transparent trading of cryptocurrencies. The exchange with its wide range of lucrative products and services, allows its customers to enjoy hassle-free trading at an economical cost.

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