BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Accuses Binance of Plagiarism; CZ Apologizes

BitMEX blames Binance for forging their documents, a while ago through a tweet that came out as appalling for the later. In the tweet, they congratulated Binance for their Testnet futures and spoke that they’re happy to see the enthusiasm that their documents brought to their executives. Here’s what the tweet looked like:

Binance CEO responded with a witty remark that smartly ridiculed the accusation. Changpeng Zhao sought amends saying that they might have overlooked the act and missed reading the documents before they were processed. He also ensured that the documents would be expunged. He then posted a link to the official documents of the Futures Platform to be assessed by BitMEX.

CZ’s humble response seemed to have won many hearts. One of his admirers praised CZ by tweeting:

CZ took no time to “admit, apologize, fix” the error.

On the other hand, some crypto enthusiasts became reckless and swarmed the tweets with sarcastic comments. They even mentioned that China is the leader when talking about plagiarism and forgery.

Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX, laid a prognosis of Bitcoin price reaching $20k. And exposing Binance’s neglect could be assumed as a part of the bigger picture that BitMEX is focussing on right now.

Nouriel Roubini a whole ago had lambasted Arthur claiming the firm’s involvement in systemic illegality. It was succeeded by the probe of CFTC, after which Arthur became inactive on twitter.

On the other side, a prior report said, Arthur will not let such activities bloom under the reign of BitMEX. He stated that;

We continue to monitor all legal and regulatory developments around the world and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations; we reject any allegations of criminality, manipulation or unfair treatment of our customers, who are at the centre of everything we do.

His $20k projections hold true or not, is only a question to answer in the light of time. But it can be stated that Binance’s mistake for whatever reasons did tarnish its reputation for no good. It’s instead intriguing as to what could have led Binance to fall prey to such allegations without anyone having prior knowledge.


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