BitPay partners with London Lions

BitPay and London Lions have entered into a partnership with the objective of bridging the gap between crypto enthusiasts and sports. Needless to say, the goal is to bridge the gap as innovatively as possible. For starters, BitPay will now enable the club to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. This includes BTC and ETH, among many others.

The partnership extends to cover CBDC as well. This means that all the Central Bank Digital Currencies will be accepted by the club for the sale of their merchandise. Cryptocurrency and sports are not walking hand-in-hand for the first time. They have done this prior to their partners. However, it was in a different form.

London Lions integrating the leading payment platform signals the official adoption of digital tokens in the mainstream segments.

It is important to note that sports and cryptocurrencies have majorly shared a common room only when people have wanted to bet on their preferred odds.

BitPay and London Lions are said to be following in the footsteps of the Dallas Mavericks and the NBA. The Dallas Mavericks have announced their partnership with Voyager Digital to facilitate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The partnership has actually worked wonders for the fans of the Mavericks, who are now well-versed in the concept of digital tokens.

Mark Cuban has said that while the fans are all game, it is just a matter of partnership that better involves the entire community. The Governor of Dallas Maverick was in an official press conference when he said that working together in innovation is a great way to introduce fans to cryptocurrencies.

This comes back to BitPay and London Lions. The partnership integrates CBDC in the area of sports. Most importantly, it helps fans to understand digital tokens, their operations, and the accelerated use of digital tokens.

London Lions will accept cryptocurrencies for executions and operations in merchandise. Tokens to be accepted will be CDBC, BTC, ETH, DOGE, and so on. Fans who do not find their favorite token on the list can expect it to get listed in the days to come.

This is not the first instance where cryptocurrencies and sports have been brought along. There are numerous more instances like ByBit and Red Bull Racing. This partnership redefines ByBit as the official blockchain partner of Red Bull Racing. Some of the best crypto sportsbooks are looking up to this case to make sure that they advance in a similar fashion.

Next on the list is and UFC under the deal of $175 million related to its appearance on the apparel that players wear during the game. Manchester United Football Club has announced a multi-year partnership worth $27 million (every year) with Tezos, opening the doors to sponsorship. This happened in February 2023. Manchester City is also looking to launch its own Metaverse football stadium. It will help football fans to attend the matches irrespective of their geographical locations.

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