Bitrue boosts portfolio with new GPTV token and staking!

Bitrue, which is a top-rated app for cryptocurrency trading, has introduced GPTV•AI•PEPE•KING (GPTV) into its list of tokens it deals with. This milestone follows on the heels of the successful initial launches of other similar BTC Rune tokens like SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO (SATOSHI), LOBO•THE•WOLF•PUP (LOBO), RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE (RSIC), and DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON (DOG). The transactions that are GPTV/ USDT will commence on April 30th, 2024. This signifies that users will have an alternative that will enable them to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolios. Bitrue has generated a huge following by frequently refreshing the website and bringing new coins and functions for users.

Apart from being a trading platform, Bitrue serves much more significant purposes. Blockchain technology serves as an enabler of different financial solutions, which include lending, investment, and so on. This financial technology cuts across borders to bring economic activities to people everywhere. By maintaining two offices in Asia and Europe, Bitrue aims to develop innovation methods regularly to ensure survival in the actively evolving environment of the digital economy.

The main token of AI PEPE KING, or GPTV, is essential for the operations of this “the biggest AI Meme Community” in the Polygon and Bitcoin Runes blockchains. The project has received $10 million worth of investment to develop customer service tools, incorporating ChatGPT technology into the design and creating the new “Dream Lottery” system. The income generated from these initiatives will be used to buy back and cancel AIPEPE and GPTV tokens by the end of the period to increase their market value gradually.

About the recently added tokens, Bitrue also offers views of numerous staking opportunities for its users to maximize their earnings. Holders willing to stake BTR, AIPEPE, RSIC, or DOG tokens can earn a GPTV reward with an annual percentage yield rate that depends on the stake involved. With these APYs so attractive, ranging from 22.15% for BTR to 31.37% for RSIC and 23.62% for DOG, they become the best offer. Nevertheless, it should be stressed that crypto trading platforms can be very profitable, but the same risks undercutting any digital currency investment remain, with lower returns and danger.

The choice of these particular tokens was based on the comments from the community during Bitrue’s X account survey. This demonstrates Bitrue’s commitment to integrating users’ opinions into its strategic plan. This methodology mirrors the collaborative and mutually beneficial nature of operation at Bitrue.

Bitrue has recently expanded and improved its platform by introducing GPTV and increasing staking options. Such action underlines the exchange’s sores as a customer-oriented, feedback-willing community focused on community resolution and contentment.

Roxanne Williams

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