CoinGecko Bestows Bitrue with Crown of Top-Ranked Exchange

Jewels of Crypto assets like Solana, Cardano, and other emerging chains find reasons to rejoice

Support of cryptocurrency exchanges has a pivotal role in the sphere of investments, loans, and primarily crypto trading. As a nodal aspect of trading includes a plethora of digital assets, it is very important for traders, especially investors, to establish a comfort level with a trusted exchange.

It would be worth mentioning the paradigm role of Bitrue as a cryptocurrency exchange that has laid the foundation encouraging various crypto ventures, with a primary focus on Solana, Cardano among others. Attaining niche status among the top 15 is a coveted position for Bitrue as a cryptocurrency spot exchange. Especially when such an honor gets bestowed upon CoinGecko, it assumes a matter of prerogative. To learn more about the Bitrue platform, you can check out our Bitrue loan reviews for the company’s information, services, features, regulation, and more.

This kind of ranking calls for special significance mainly because CoinGecko has been renowned for undertaking the herculean task of sorting the top players among an ocean of DeFi exchanges.  Additionally, assimilating data, which is entirely unbiased and evenhanded, is another jewel of this honor. The criteria for selection for this coveted position are also ascertained by multiple criteria, liquidity, security. The backing of a dedicated team is of utmost essential. With more than 10 million users, CoinGecko has garnered users’ trust for an entirely reliable database. 

In this regard, the statement made by Adam O’ Neill, Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, is undoubtedly worth quoting, “Our entire team is overjoyed to receive this coveted honor. We are proud that our efforts have been recognized by the reliable and esteemed CoinGecko as a platform and that the judgment to bestow this honor has been made completely impartial and purely based on analysis that has been critical to the entire transparent process. No wonder such quick progress, considering just three years of inception for Bitrue comes with added kudos promising versatility and limitless charter of product offerings.”

With Bitrue launching plenty of services that include investments, loans, and trading advantages, a world of new coins will also be unveiled this week on Bitrue exchange. Digital assets having a firm place in such top smart contract chains will be Cardano, Solana, XinFin, to name a few. Bitrue has been known to be aggressive in strategizing the promotion of these chains, simultaneously facilitating technological adoption. Hence the new ventures have now found a haven wherein they can showcase their digital asset wonders with a robust footing.

Bitrue as an exchange also recognizes and acknowledges the value of speed in digital asset transactions and is motivated by the same objective. They have carved out a strategy wherein coins like GALA, LUNA, and XDC gets placed on their exchange with lightning-fast speed and added security. 

Not all new projects make it to the threshold of success. That is primarily where the roleplay of Bitrue comes to the fore. Identifying the potential of new projects and giving them the required reinforcement is on top of the agenda for Bitrue harvesting world of opportunities for users across the globe. 

As a vital element in decentralized governance, Bitrue has embraced technology to help the upstart coins reap 1000% or more returns within few months. Bitrue has been making headlines already in the corporate social responsibility forums, and the community initiatives by the eminent exchange have also supported these initiatives through their native token Bitrue Coin BTR. Users can now also avail of this golden moment to stake Bitrue Coin BTR to vote for a listing of coins and more so when a coin reaches 4 million votes…. All the more reasons to rejoice to trade! 

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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