Bitsa: The Prepaid Card Designed for Crypto Enthusiasts Around the World

It was in 2009 when the global economy welcomed a new revolutionary mechanism of payment settlement in the form of Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies are the names given to the money which owns a value but is intangible in reality as it exists only on the blockchain network on which it has been designed by the creator. Ever since the inception phase, cryptocurrencies have evolved in heaps and bounds with developments and innovations flooding the industrial space. Today, the crypto market is home to hundreds of digital coins and tokens, which are efficiently used by entities, government organizations, and individuals for settlement of payments. The enhanced scalability of cryptocurrencies has opened doors for convenient and economic access to millions of customers across the globe.

One of the prime reasons for the super success of cryptocurrencies is the tireless efforts made by the crypto enthusiasts, researchers, and intellectuals to encourage the mass adoption of virtual currencies irrespective of geographical boundaries or any other sort of limitation. As and when the crypto industry started proliferating into various industrial domains, firms unveiled solutions and services that made cryptocurrencies part and parcel of everyday chores of people. The urge to infuse cryptocurrencies in day to day operations lead to the launch of prepaid cards for cryptocurrencies.

Though the market offers an array of cryptocurrency-supporting prepaid cards, BITSA Prepaid card is one such reliable offering in the niche which has earned name and fame amongst the crypto users worldwide in literally no time. The revolutionary card allows the owners to indulge in purchasing their favorite items both online or at any store at their convenience. By using the card, one can withdraw cash from any ATM machine, make transfers from BITSA card to another card, top-up the card with redeemable vouchers, cash, or blockchain-supported tokens.

What makes BITSA Prepaid Card highly recommendable?

  • BITSA offers a hassle-free interface as it does not require the owners to register any bank account on the portal before kickstarting the usage of the prepaid card. One needs to request for the card on the official app to receive it at their address.
  • It is easily reloadable with cash from any place in the world. The system promotes secure, transparent, simplified, and safe transactions.
  • The owners enjoy the excellence of contactless technology to buy and pay for the variety of purchases in millions of stores spread across the world.
  • One can make a payment, without any difficulty and with speed and security similar to national payments, to any financial institution hailing from the SEPA or the Single European Market region.
  • The users are assured about the security of their assets as the online purchases made through the BITSA prepaid card are verified by the payment giant, Visa.
  • It serves as the best economical and secure solution for people who love to travel from one country to another while enjoying shopping and traveling experiences.

Steps To Follow:

  • Open the official BITSA app and make a request for your new BITSA card, which will be delivered at your home within a few days’ span.
  • Fill your card through vouchers associated with physical stores via bank transfers or through cryptocurrencies.
  • Enjoy the BITSA prepaid card services for your day-to-day transactions or for meeting-up your travel expenses effortlessly.

About BITSA Young Card

BITSA Young is a user-friendly prepaid card designed for youngsters falling between the age group of 14 years to 17 years. The young users can request and register for their BITSA cards in few clicks on the app, though they need to give authorization of their parents or legal guardians before start using the card. BITSA Young is a one-shot solution for settling all your transactions in a secure and safe manner. Be it a pizza party, or a trip abroad, or a videogame shopping; the owners need not worry about carrying cash every time and everywhere as BITSA prepaid card settles all the transactions in a go. The card also helps the owners to transfer money with their Bitzer buddies instantly and for free. They can top-up their cards through vouchers and use the funds in the purchase of their favorite items.

Recent Achievements

BITSA recently announced its collaboration with leading decentralized cryptocurrency Monero. The strategic partnership opened doors for the users to top-up their BITSA prepaid cards using Monero for payment settlements.

Also, Justin Sun, the spearhead of the TRON Foundation, announced the news about the addition of support for TRX on the BITSA Card. The European clients can pay for transactions using TRX through the BITSA Card.


Cryptocurrency-supported prepaid cards are fast becoming quite popular in the financial market. BITSA aids users to convert their crypto money into fiat money instantly without any hassle. Being backed by Visa, the card can be used to settle payments in stores located worldwide with the utmost security and safety. The firm has managed to collect a strong customer base for itself and is likely to strengthen its position in the next few years.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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