Bitstamp Adds AXS, SAND, ENJ, And CHZ for Its American Market

Bitstamp was co-founded by Damijan Merlak in 2011, with headquarters established in the United Kingdom. The operations of Bitstamp are to offer services related to Crypto exchange. Bitstamp is one of the Crypto exchange platforms that made its presence in the initial years of the rise of Cryptocurrency.

The platform currently offers more than 20 Crypto assets for trading, and a total goes above the value of 50 in terms of trading pairs that investors can bag in their forex portfolio. Beginners in crypto trading should research and learn more details from a Bitstamp review to begin trading at the right time.

Bitstamp Adds More Support

The crypto exchange France, Bitstamp, announced that it had added four more digital assets to its list. It has extended its support to AXS, SAND, ENJ, and CHZ across the United States of America, except for CHZ, which is unavailable in New York.

Adding four digital assets will enable more players to engage in their favorite blockchain-based games, create their virtual games, and trade their virtual goods on the network.

Players will also be able to experience the joy of architecting a building on a virtual plot owned by them.

Sandbox is a metaverse or a virtual world based on decentralization that has been built on the Ethereum network. It focuses majorly on offering gaming content to the players who can utilize SAND, the native token of Sandbox, to purchase digital land.

The virtual construction of one player can be kept open for other players to access and use for their joy. Players can also buy non-Fungible Tokens to use in the metaverse of Sandbox.

Axie Infinity offers play-to-earn gaming content, enabling players to earn extra money in Cryptocurrency. Rewards or earnings are in the form of AXS, the native token of Axie Infinity. These tokens can be utilized to breed and raise Axis, creatures that reside in Axie Infinity.

Players earn AXS when they deploy Axies in a war and come back as winners. Axies created represent NFTs that can be traded in the marketplace of Axie Infinity.

Chiliz will be available in the entire country except for New York. It focuses on allowing sports fans to interact with their favorite teams uniquely. Holders of CHZ, the native token of Chiliz, get the upper hand in participating in discussions related to stadium names, uniform designs, and general partnership.

Holders of CHZ can use their holdings to buy Fan Tokens from

Enjin facilitates creating and managing in-game items on Ethereum by the holders of ENJ, the native token of Enjin. ENJ enables the players to trade their in-game items in the marketplace of Enjin.

The team behind Enjin has developed a complete suite of products. These can be accessed by the holders of ENJ for purchase, sale, and trade of the items.

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