Bitstamp Reveals 2019 Achievements; Welcomes 2020 With the Launch of New Mobile App

Ruling the crypto industry with its world-class exchange facilities, Bitstamp has become the first choice for thousands of investors hailing from different parts of the world. Based in Luxemburg, the exchange allows secured, transparent, and convenient deposits and withdrawals of USD, EUR, Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. Having being established in 2011, Bitstamp takes pride in being the world’s longest-standing crypto exchange. The unprecedented services and products offered by the Bitstamp community has managed to garner the support of crypto enthusiasts worldwide and has played a major role in facilitating crypto mass adoption.

As per our Bitstamp review, the past year witnessed the rise and rise of Bitstamp in terms of developments, advancements, and innovations which took place in the network. The article given below highlights the achievements of Bitstamp in 2019 and gives a hint of the aims it aspires to manifest in 2020.

A Quick Review Of Bitstamp’s 2019 Breakthroughs

For Bitstamp, 2019 can be termed as another remarkable year that saw the growth and strengthening of the exchange in the crypto domain as a whole. The team proliferated into several new marketspaces through strategic collaborations and gave special attention to upgrading the system on various factors.

  1. The Overhauling of Products

The start of 2019 was quite exciting for the Bitstamp exchange as it unveiled its new mobile app for the investors. The app was designed to cater to the requirements of both iOS and Android users. It provided a user-friendly interface for the traders to indulge in buying and selling of crypto instantly at their convenience. The mobile app was studded with an array of lucrative features such as:

  • real-time charts
  • tradeview for professional traders
  • balance checking, transactions history, and details
  • sending crypto for free of cost
  • disabling of the app in case of any unfavorable event

Later, the exchange added new features to its official webpage for easing out the burden on the customers. The website allowed users to sign in with their email making access quite simplified. Also, the exchange automated the cumbersome processes of registration and verification. To aid the expert investors, the Tradeview interface was given a new look by the addition of more charting features, the light mode trading option clubbed with improved performance.

  1. The Improvement of Core Infrastructure

The crypto exchange France – Bitstamp strived to live by the principles of stability and quality of service all throughout 2019 to bring the best for its customers. The exchange offers the most legitimate facts and figures, making it one of the best platforms for real trading volumes analysis. Bitstamp launched an updated WebSocket streaming solution to improvise the suite of APIs and transferred the first few trading pairs tp the new matching engine by Cinnober.

To enhance the storage capacities, Bitstamp integrated with BitGo’s institutional-grade custody solutions and Ledger Vault’s technology as a major step in 2019.

According to the analysis conducted by the Digital Asset Research on best crypto exchanges, Bitstamp was found to have “demonstrated the integrity of pricing, volumes, valuations, and infrastructure to be deemed as ‘trustworthy’ for investors.”

  1. Proliferation Into More Countries

One of the major achievements of Bitstamp in 2019 was the attainment of BitLicense in New York, which eventually led to the opening of an office along with the kickstart of operations in the States and New York. To expand operations in the Asia-Pacific region, Bitstamp opened a new office in Singapore in November.

Bitstamp entered into several crucial partnerships with market leaders to give a boost to the crypto adoption in the global parlance.

2020 Begins With A New Bitstamp Mobile App Launch

The beginning of the new decade saw the launch of Bitstamp’s full-service mobile crypto trading app for the customers. In a recent announcement, Bitstamp stated that its mobile app had been upgraded with new features and facilities and it shall now work as a standalone trading product. The app will allow the customers to make withdrawals, open bank accounts, activate accounts, and complete registration formalities. The app boasts of an integrated secure mobile wallet to facilitate crypto transfers securely and conveniently. One can download the latest Bitstamp app from Google Play or from their App store.

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