BitTorrent & TRON announce a new collaboration with THUBA DAO

BitTorrent and TRON recently announced a partnership with THUBA DAO. TRON Community released an official tweet to inform users about the partnership.

As a part of this collaboration, TRON and BitTorrent are joining forces with Tsinghua University, China. The leading blockchain student body is leading the charge of Web3 in the region. The organization is also planning to run the THUBA DAO 2023 in the coming months.

The partnership between TRON, BitTorrent, and THUBA DAO will empower Web3 projects and developers across China. The upcoming event will involve multiple featured activities, such as:

  • THUBA Bootcamp
  • THUBA Hackathon
  • Thuba BizDev
  • Thuba Incubator

Given the massive communal support of BitTorrent and TRON, the THUBA DAO 2023 is gaining more traction worldwide. THUBA DAO has been on a roll with partnerships involving well-known blockchains.

The blockchain student body joined hands with the Algorand Foundation back in August 2022. The collaboration was also formed right before the Summer Hackathon by THUBA DAO, increasing the event’s reach.

With an aim to bridge the gap between eastern and western blockchain communities, THUBA DAO is cultivating the next-gen Web3 leaders. That is why the collaboration will also serve BitTorrent and TRON well.

Several traders have already started speculating about a price uptake in BitTorrent’s market value. According to the latest BTT forecast, the coin is trading 1.66% up in the 24-hour trading window.

It is currently valued at 0.00000064 dollars with a market cap of 608.42 million dollars. Despite the announcement, the coin is trading 6.41% below its 7-day high of $0.0000006837.


In a similar fashion, TRON is currently trading 1.19% up in its 24-hour trading window. The coin is valued at 0.06858 dollars, which could be a result of its recently crossing 150 million users. 

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