Bittrex Partners With iBitt, Looking Forward To Scale Up The Blockchain Technology In Peru And Chile

The global leader in the blockchain revolution- Bittrex has recently made an announcement on Twitter about its partnership with iBitt crypto exchange. As per the announcement, soon, we will be able to see the release of a brand new “digital asset trading platform in Chile and Peru.” This partnership seeks to cater to financial services that are based on cryptocurrency, in the two mentioned places. The announcement got a good response from the readers. At the press time, the Twitter post received one hundred and thirty-nine hearts, forty-six re-tweets, and twelve comments, which is still growing.

The Chief Operations Officer of iBitt- Chris Schwarzenbach said-

We are very proud to partner with Bittrex to launch the most liquid digital asset platform in the country and open up a world of possibilities to the Latin American market. […] Likewise, we are excited to bring state of the art fintech products tailored specifically for Chilean and Peruvian consumers to facilitate financial freedom through digital asset and blockchain adoption in Latin America.

The new digital asset trading will get full backing by the technology from Bittrex. Not only this, but this partnership will also club new sets of financial services that will be blockchain supported. For instance, ATM Terminals, the remittance service via the iBitt platform that include companies such as- “Investa and Quick Express (Quickex).”

The company- Investa also supports iBitt for offering the user-base with a card called- iBitt card. With the help of this card, the user can get access to a network of ATMs. This access further allows them to do activities such as exchanging crypto for fiat currency, taking out funds from the accounts, sending crypto or funds from one account to another, and the users can also send and receive funds from one crypto wallet to another. Investa’s involvement and support does not stop there. Further, this company enables the platform to offer its customers- dual usage credit and debit cards. By dual we mean these cards can be used to for both the fiat currency as well as the cryptocurrency. These cards, according to the official blog, are “accepted at over 38 million merchants worldwide.”

As of now, iBitt is fully functional and leading the liquid markets in Chile. The future plans of this partnership should benefit the company, for example, the markets, potential, demands, business in Peru. As per the official blog of Bittrex, the expansion in Peru will allow the platform to cater to over one hundred digital assets and fiat pairs. This number of digital assets and fiat pairs will only increase as there are more assets and fiat pairs available on the US based crypto exchanges platform. On the other hand, iBitt has released a “concierge OTC trading desk,” as per the blog. The purpose of this launch is to serve traders that expect a large volume of Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH.

For the customers from Peru, the company has provided a separate link for the new users through which they can register for a new account. Further, the exchange is also offering the users from Peru to access to the remittance service, which is powered by blockchain- Quickex. This company is working in the country with the name of- “” It gives competitive rates in Chile for remittance services.

Regarding the future aim of the company (click here to know about Bittrex in details with their future plans), the CEO of Bittrex- Bill Shihara says that the main aim of the crypto exchange is to direct increased adoption of the blockchain technology. He further added-

[…] Their team is offering innovative solutions that can impact real people by putting blockchain in their hands right now. What a great fit for a partnership as we continue to introduce Latin America, and the world, to the power of this technology.

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