Bittrex Exchange Conducts WAX-WAXP Swap From ERC20 Token To New Mainnet Blockchain

The United States domiciled cryptocurrency exchange, Bittrex has completed the upgradation of its framework by successfully channelizing the WAX-WAXP swap from ERC20 to a new mainnet blockchain.

The users of WAX cryptocurrency tokens will now see a new ticker of $WAXP instead of its earlier version, $WAX.

About the WAX-WAXP Swap

Earlier in an announcement by the crypto exchange in June 2019, it was made clear that WAX will be gearing up for a switch from its Ethereum ERC token to an advanced mainnet blockchain as a part of its upgrading project. The new mainnet blockchain was slated to be operational from June 30, 2019.

Based on the news, a one-time token swap to the mainnet was to be conducted by Bittrex on August 29, 2019, marking the change of the ticker symbol to WAXP from WAX.

Bittrex crypto exchange confirmed that for avoiding troubles to the users, the platform would perform the upgrading in a manner that will allow the WAXP users to retain the balance of their WAX wallets. The assets will be shifted to the new blockchain mainnet with the new ticker symbol, WAXP.

The balance total of a person’s WAXP Bittrex exchange will lie in the same alignment in a 1:1 manner with the WAX total he/she owned at the time before the swap. The tokens placed on exchange during the time of swap will not be a part of the staking process and will not qualify for WAX’s Genesis Block Member Program. Find more details about the crypto exchange in USA here.


As now Bittrex has completed the swap process, no ERC20 tokens belonging to the old blockchain will be supported or traded on the exchange. Check out complete Bittrex review by CryptoNewsZ here for more details about the platform.

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