Bittrex International To Offer 25 Million Worth Bittrex Credits To International Customers

Bittrex International, the leading European-based cryptocurrency exchange for non-US customers, has announced an expansion of its beta rewards program to a larger international client base. The program will foster rewarding of Bittrex Credits of over 25 million worth to the loyal Bittrex International customers.

The announcement revealed that over the past few weeks, the crypto exchange USA platform has been pilot testing a new beta program with a selected group of international customers. Now, the platform has decided to expand the Bittrex Credits beta program to a broader international client base.

Bittrex Credits is a new beta customer rewards program that will give a golden opportunity to the customers to get a chance to enjoy commission-free trades by indulging in trading on Bittrex International exchange.

Until October 22, eligible candidates will be able to collect extra credits depending on the commissions they pay on transactions which will be available right after an order is closed. All the customers are advised to use all the credits earned by October 22 as post this they will expire.

In order to induce more customers on the best crypto exchange platform, $25 worth of Bittrex Credits will be given to the customers who will sign up to the as new customers and complete the KYC verification during the promotional period. The Bittrex Credits will be given to the customers within five days of completing the verification process. A user has to enroll by October 15 if he/she has to receive the promotional credits from the exchange. You can also check recent Bittrex reviews to more about Bittrex in more details.

A person can redeem Bittrex Credits for a commission-free trade only after he/she accumulates sufficient credit in their account. This option appears automatically when the trade confirmation appears. The value of one Bittrex Credit is worth $0.01 towards trading commissions.

Bittrex Credits can only be liquidated for trading commissions on the Bittrex International. It cannot be removed from the platform and also do not have a cash value. Users can view the Bittrex Credits balance by enabling ‘Bittrex Preview’ on the Wallets page.

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