BlackBerry Launches Blockchain-Based Platform Focusing Healthcare facility


One time renowned smartphone manufacturer, Blackberry has formally announced its plan to foray into blockchain space by creating blockchain based platform actively focusing on Healthcare services as reported by press release published on 4th October.

With the formal announcement, BlackBerry has created a strategic partnership with technology firm ONEBIO in order to build a blockchain based ultra-secure ecosystem. The entire system works such that it stores and exchange medical details by laboratories, patients and internet of things (IoT) biometric devices. Amid this, John Chen, BlackBerry CEO elaborated more on the technical aspects saying that once the data is entered it can also be exchanged with researchers.

With the entirely new concept incorporated, he further provided his comments, “We are applying our expertise in security, data privacy, and communication work in regulated industries such as automotive, financial services, and government to tackle one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry: leveraging healthcare endpoints to improve patient outcomes while ensuring security and data privacy.”

In line with others products in place, BlackBerry has introduced a real-time operating system that can be used for a variety of purpose like the development of robotic surgical instruments, patient monitoring system, other safety critical products which are still to pass through the regulatory approval.

Let us not forget that BlackBerry once able to control almost 50 percent of the global smartphone market which comes to 0.1 percent in 2016. Besides this, BlackBerry is still heading the business of smartphone that it is expected to launch its latest iteration on 10 October. This is one of the blockchain based initiative and a clear evidence that the company transiting through other space.

BlackBerry has officially announced completely a new quantum resistant code signing facility that will “allow software to be digitally signed using a scheme that will be hard to break with a quantum computer,” as reported by the company sources.

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