BlackRock and Fidelity Shine as Significant Investors in Masternode Firm Neptune Dash

Globally reputed US-based investment firm, BlackRock is reportedly the proud owner of more than 11% shares of Dash masternode company Neptune Dash. This advancement has resulted in a strategically important scenario where now the total percentage share controlled by the major investment firms has surged to cross the mark of 21% when totaled together with the percentage share owned by Fidelity.

According to the latest reports, BlackRock owns 9,255,385 shares, which makes it stand with 11.47% of the total assets, while Fidelity owns 8,019,332 shares, giving it a total of 9.94% of the total assets. Apart from this, the investment of the two firms in Neptune Dash also involves 0.63% of total assets owned by BlackRock fund and 0.02% of the total worth by the Fidelity fund.

The data released by global financial research information provider platform Morningstar showcased that BlackRock and Fidelity have total ownership of 21.4% of the total share value, which accounts for 17,274,717 shares of the Dash masternode.

Cryptocurrencies have earned a name for themselves after facing their share of ups and downs in the financial niche. The whopping investments coming from the biggies of the investment world affirms that these firms are able to foresee a bright future of the digital currency arena and so are ready to gamble their funds in it. In 2014, Fidelity made a $200,000 dollar investment in the Bitcoin mining rig. With a view to infuse more and more people into the crypto domain, Fidelity rolled out its Fidelity Digital Assets custody program.

Where Fidelity has been an ardent promoter of digital currencies, BlackRock has, in the past, not offered a welcoming hand to this sector of the economy. The company restrained itself from offering a Bitcoin ETF until it became “legitimate.” The company opined that cryptocurrencies should be adopted by those who have the courage to bear the losses accompanying them. With BlackRock’s investment in Neptune Dash, it is quite evident that the firm has full confidence in the potential of Dash and Neptune Dash network.

One of the primary reasons for the widescale popularity of Neptune Dash is that it is publicly traded on stock exchanges and its value directly depends on the monthly rewards of the Dash masternode network. This feature allows the firms that feel restricted to operate a masternode or refuse to get into the complications of the regulatory control to delve into the cryptocurrency arena at ease. Interestingly, Neptune Dash offers certainty of returns and payouts as they are governed by pre-defined factors like the number of Dash mined so far, the number of active master nodes, etc. This lucrative feature gives the firms an assurance towards the non-negative price volatility.

Where on the one hand, Dash master nodes have been quite favorite of investors, Dash has been preferred by a certain class of investment groups. The excellent network was recommended by Palm Beach Group for three times for unanimous reasons, the most recent being its ChainLocks innovations, which enhances its security level by 51% in comparison to other coins. Dash’s unprecedented ability to chalk out the best innovative modules and fund development through its DAO, places Dash a notch higher from other competing coins. Dash is undoubtedly the best solution as this digital money can be used for everyday transactions conveniently.

Trevor Holman

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