BlackRock suspected to own $3B Bitcoin wallet, while this new Bitcoin fork gets ready to skyrocket

News of the investment giant’s stake in the world of cryptocurrency presents intriguing developments in the crypto arena. As rumors that BlackRock might be holding a substantial Bitcoin wallet worth around $3 billion circulate, another exciting phenomenon takes shape as a new Bitcoin fork emerges. Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) in the ICO stage is poised for a significant surge in value, setting the stage for an eventful period in the cryptocurrency landscape.

What is BlackRock?

BlackRock is a global investment management company renowned as the largest and most influential asset management firm worldwide. BlackRock manages diverse assets for institutional clients and individual investors. The company offers various investment products and services, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, alternative investments, and advisory services. 

With its headquarters in New York City, BlackRock operates globally, serving clients in various sectors such as pensions, governments, corporations, foundations, and individuals. Often referred to as the company that owns the world, BlackRock is known for its portfolio management, risk management, and investment strategies. As a major player in the financial industry, BlackRock’s actions and investments often significantly impact the markets. Its involvement or interest in cryptocurrency, such as holding a large Bitcoin wallet, can draw considerable attention and speculation from investors and market observers.

What is a Bitcoin fork?

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, new technologies often emerge to make blockchains work better. Bitcoin, which started in 2009, is quite old in terms of its rules, but these rules can be updated and improved through forks. The key idea is that each new version that comes from a Bitcoin fork still keeps the main features of the original blockchain, which is the foundation of the Bitcoin network. 

A Bitcoin fork is an important change in the original Bitcoin that can greatly impact the cryptocurrency market. A Bitcoin fork modifies how a network works, how people agree on rules, and even which digital money to issue. While these new versions have differences, they often have similarities to the original Bitcoin setup, but with some changes. Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) poses the same tokenomics as BTC, such as a supply cap of 21M tokens, but spread over its mining period.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS): The ultimate Bitcoin Fork

BTCS is a decentralized cryptocurrency project striving to revolutionize cryptocurrency mining access and rewards distribution. It aims to achieve its mission through innovative concepts of the Proof-Of-Process (PoP) consensus mechanism and a user-friendly Bitcoin Spark application to engage miners. The PoP mechanism combines the advantages of PoW and PoS to enhance security and scalability while maintaining true decentralization.

The project emphasizes decentralization by encouraging more validators to participate and strengthening network security. It offers an application that is available on various platforms, including iOS and Android, allowing miners to contribute their device processing power to the network. Miners will initially solve hash puzzles in a PoW engagement but with a unique non-linear rewards system that promotes fairness.

Bitcoin Spark’s vision extends to creating a self-sustainable mining ecosystem, considering both environmental and economic aspects. It plans to provide consistent profitability to miners through a combination of mining rewards, transaction fees, and income from its product offerings. Income streams include CPU rentals and a new advertising concept.

The project’s commitment to innovation is highlighted by its application, which provides easy access to the ecosystem and enables mining, validation, rewards, and computational power rental. The BTCS infrastructure has been tested for compliance, stability, security, and transparency through its audits and KYC certifications. BTCS’ ICO is skyrocketing in phase three at $2.00, with a 12 % bonus for holders. BTCS token is set for launch at $10, signifying an ROI of 560% for phase three holders. Imagine an investment when Bitcoin was valued at $1.

Bitcoin Spark App

By combining these elements, Bitcoin Spark aims to create a balanced and profitable environment for miners while contributing to the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

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