Blockchain-Ads Labs positions Web3Cookie on Partisia Testnet

Blockchain-Ads Labs manages to position its Web3Cookie on the Partisia Blockchain testnet successfully. The aim behind this development is to bring about the transformation of data monetization as well as provide the opportunity for internet users to create their own individual cookie.

Moreover, it will enable them to monetize their browsing data under the necessary security protocols while simultaneously safeguarding their privacy. Regarding Web3Cookie, it is essentially an inventive solution.

The collaboration that was formed between Blockchain-Ads Labs and the Partisia Blockchain has provided the amalgamation of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) with Zero-knowledge Proof (ZKP) technologies. This has given birth to privacy-preserving advertising solutions, which will come in handy for brands as well as users. 

The introduction of Web3Cookie is a landmark occurrence so far as their aim to restructure the online advertising space is concerned. Currently, Blockchain-Ads Labs is reaching out to users to take part in the alpha testing stage of Web3Cookie on the Partisia testnet and gain exposure to the Web3 data monetization tool. This will also make them a part of the airdrop of their conventional token.

Through the Web3Cookie, users will have the option of building their own Web3 cookies and monetizing their browsing data while maintaining matters of privacy and safety via the MPC and ZKP technology that Partisia boosts. Controlling factors related to personal data will also remain intact. All of this will prove to be a revolutionary way to monetize data in today’s digital era. 

Blockchain-Ads Labs focuses on creating advertising-related solutions that directly benefit brands and the overall user experience. A case in point is the positioning of the Web3Cookie on the Partisia testnet. Further, they are pursuing the transformation of the centralized advertising space with their decentralized, privacy-preserving, and low-cost solutions in tandem with the Web3 era.

Trevor Holman

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