Blockchain-based Evidence Will Recognize in Chinese Internet Courts

China has developed a new system based on blockchain technology to collect evidence for procuratorates.

The system recently was deployed in Hangzhou in east China’s Zhejiang Province to search the defamatory evidence against Chinese revolutionary martyrs. The search was conducted online, and the evidence was identified and preserved by the procuratorates.

It is important to note that Hangzhou has the first-ever internet court established in China.

The evidence which was authenticated by blockchain was then furnished in the Hangzhou court in a PIL (Public Interest Litigation).

The news was covered by a local Procuratorate daily. While revealing to the newspaper, Procurator-General, Chen Pingxiang commented that in today’s world, more authenticated and profound electronic evidential data with objective evidence is required. Unlike conventional audio and video evidence, the evidence collected through blockchain technology is tamper-proof and cannot be distorted or destroyed. So the Procurator has deployed the blockchain technology in their official system.

The Zhejiang province is said to be the pioneer in this field as it has used this technology in more than 100 cases so far.

China Supreme Courts Recognition for Blockchain Evidence 

In September, last year, the Supreme Court of China had passed an order to authenticate the Blockchain evidence in legal disputes of China.

The order states that the internet courts in China should recognize the legality of blockchain-based digital proofs that are stored and authenticated by the involved parties.

The ruling came in response to the Hangzhou’s first internet court that came across various problems to tackle the digital cases. The court mostly handles cases of digital issues, including data breaching.

Recently top Chinese search engine Baidu has launched a blockchain solution for legal arbitration. The platform allows secure storage and transmission of sensitized data.

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