Blockchain-Based Firm LogSentinel Incorporates Documents on the Digital Ledger

LogSentinel, the highly-acclaimed blockchain-governed secure audit tail service provider, has unveiled its tool named “Blockchain document protection.” The new service is focused to increase the security of important corporate documents.

Based on a cryptographically secure ledger system, the tool restrains any possible intrusion into the system aimed towards tampering of documents without leaving inflexible digital evidence on the portal. As the activities on the network are time-stamped history of the ongoing process of the current event is kept protected.

Sabotaging of documents, documents fraud, and document tampering is quite common, and firms often end up falling prey to these intelligently chalked out scams. To put an end to such activities, LogSentinel facilitates complete document protection by arranging the data in an unalterable, duly time-stamped digital record, which allows keeping crucial information about the person who accessed it as well as the time when the activity was being performed by the concerned person.

Whenever an unusual activity is being carried upon on the network, the AI-backed fraud detection facility sends real-time alert messages to the responsible parties, indicating them about the activity. For example, if the AI will detect that a particular document is being changed many a time in unusual hours, it will send a real-time notification to the concerned person so that the malicious activity gets noticed at the exact time of execution. LogSentinel’s latest tool is currently available and can be tested free of cost.

The Notable Merits of Using a Blockchain-Powered Document Protections Tool

The blockchain-focused document protection tools act as an aiding mechanism for the organizations in order to comply with personal data regulations, commercial acts, and other regulatory measures that require tracking of documents. The potential features of a blockchain document trackability tool are:

  • Auditing the existing documents and keeping an unalterable version control
  • Managing auditing processes and reporting conveniently and efficiently
  • Increasing productivity and curbing costs by automating the document version control processes
  • Properly rendering to the document security risks and triggering a quick response at the time of the breach
  • Through the AI-driven mechanism, proper monitoring of unusual activity and malicious actions are reported

Many times, companies fear that their strategic partners might modify a portion of the partnership contract in their favor without their knowledge by changing the Terms and Conditions. However, the blockchain-protected version control promises that a document cannot be modified or altered immediately before being signed.


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