Blockchain-Based Virtual Firm nOS Launches the Alpha Testnet

Blockchain-based virtual operating system nOS launched its alpha nOS testnet yesterday. nOS blockchain is built on the ARK Core Blockchain framework.

Testnet allows trading in digital coins that have no value. It allows developers to gauge real-world problems and incorporate solutions to them in their upcoming features.

nOS is seeking to create an ecosystem, to provide a decentralized internet operating system and is accessible on mobile and laptop, with a store for decentralized apps, a digital wallet, and cryptocurrency exchange.

nOS alpha testnet will incorporate the following features:

  • Staking of NOS, which will allow customers to collect NOS, which in turn will determine influence within the nOS ecosystem.
  • Stake-powered voting for delegates.
  • Ranking of nodes and awarding of blocks for good performance.
  • Unique transaction fee model, which instantaneously removes transaction fees in a block.
  • It will also have a Block Explorer, to monitor transactions on the network.

Features like a ranking system for curators, who list applications on the nOS Apps store, Stake-powered voting for delegates as well as a reward system are visible on the testnet, but still not functional. They will be made available in the future.

Testnet will also frequently start from the genesis block, to allow nOS to incorporate new features and updates quickly. This will allow nOS, to gauge the reactions of users and developers to these features.

Among the features, a pipeline is a Testnet faucet, which will be made available to NEP5 NOS token holders. Being a testnet faucet, the tokens will have no value and customers will not be able to swap them.

Faucets are rewards for visitors for spending time on a cryptocurrency site. The site displays advertisements and earns advertising revenue if more visitors visit it, and spend time on it.

Trevor Holman

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