Harris Poll Study Finds That 42% of US Adults are Familiar with Cryptocurrencies!

Overview on Cryptocurrency

In spite of the bear market, Bitcoin recognition is developing and improving, as indicated by a review completed by Harris Poll, on behalf of Blockchain Capital. The study demonstrates that 48% of US grown-ups are curious about digital forms of money, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. Among the 42% of Americans acquainted with crypto, there were clear divisions between the obvious standpoints for the prospects of the market. 24% felt cryptographic money would develop in value, 29% anticipated the market to deteriorate, 35% expected wild fluctuations and 12% predicted the market would stay stable.


  • American residents have turned out to be increasingly mindful of bitcoin in various critical angles, and 11% of the Americans possesses the significant digital money bitcoin (BTC), as per another review published by Spencer Bogart of funding firm Blockchain Capital on 30th April.
  • The survey which was conducted by Harris poll for the Blockchain Capital, a VC firm set up by Bart & Brad Stephens, researched 2052 grown-ups in the year 2017 bull market and 2019 bear market. Six classifications were investigated like Familiarity, awareness, perception, conviction, ownership, and Inclination to purchase.
  • All classifications saw outstanding increments, with fewer than 35-year-olds preceding the way. Spencer Bogart, a Blockchain Capital partner whose firm published the report, reasoned that the survey results showed a “demographic mega-trend” a generational development as opposed to a primarily monetary or technological.

Highlights of the Survey:

  • Blockchain Capital partner Bogart posted the results of another study which was conducted by Harris Poll to give investigation information on Bitcoin’s statistic patterns. Conducted between April 23, 2019, and April 25, 2019, the study included answers of 2,052 American grown-ups and demonstrated an extended form of the past statistic overview released by the firm in October 2017.
  • Regardless of Bear Market, Bitcoin recognition is developing and improving, as indicated by a study completed by Harris Poll, for Blockchain Capital. As noted in the review, 89 percent of the residents have known about bitcoin; the figure had ascended from 77 percent in October 2017. It was not influenced by the respondent’s age, either; the awareness is comparable over all periods.
  • As indicated by the review results, the American respondents have increased more learning about bitcoin in six essential perspectives like Familiarity, awareness, perception, conviction, ownership, and Inclination to purchase. With that, the survey tells that the pointers have significantly expanded by and extensive since October 2017 in spite of the bear market of 2018 and the positively trending business sector of 2017.
  • The result explains that bitcoin is a “Demographic Mega-trend “driven by the more youthful age range of 18-34 ages. As indicated by the study, awareness has turned into the primary angle where older age range matched the younger age groups. Moreover, most American residents have known about bitcoin, regardless of age. The extent of individuals who knew about bitcoin expanded from 77% in October 2017 to 89% in April 2019.
  • Regarding the proprietorship angle, 20% of American residents aged 18 – 34 declared that they have invested in bitcoin, while those aged 35 – 44 represented 11%. The 45-54 and 55-64 age range showed an equivalent possession adding up to 5%, with 2% of American retirees more than 65 years declared to hold the highest digital money. Prior in April, another survey found that around 3% of American retirees possess bitcoin.

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