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Blockchain Connect Conference Revealed the Three Keywords of the Underlying Technology of Blockchain

San Francisco —- Hosted by SV Insight, the third Blockchain Connect Conference took place on January 11 in San Francisco. This educational event gathered 70 speakers, over 1,200 attendees, and 22 exhibitors for a day of discussion on academic and technological innovations in the blockchain space.

Two stages, the Academic Stage and the Business Stage, ran parallel on the event day. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, founder of Digicash and Elixxir, David Chaum, UC Berkeley professor and founder of Oasis Labs, Dawn Song, Cornell University Associate Professor Elaine Shi, and many other top academics, as well as executives from Intel, Oracle, VMware, Tencent, Deloitte, Ant Financial, and other financial and tech industry executives, investors, and more than a thousand participants, witnessed this academic feast.

At the Academic Stage, SV Insight Research released its 2018 Global Blockchain Academic Research and Trends Report, which covers an analysis of the underlying technology of the blockchain and the combination of academics and industry. In 2018, the three critical keywords of the underlying technology of the blockchain are scalability, storage, and privacy and security. These three topics have received considerable attention from the speeches of the guests.


“One popular saying in the blockchain world is the ‘impossible triangle’ that one cannot achieve scalability, decentralization, and security at the same time,” said Peter Qin, COO of SV Insight. “However, based on the proposals put forward by the participating scholars or existing blockchain technology solutions in the industry, the ‘impossible triangle’ has become increasingly more ‘possible’ than ‘impossible.’ Many projects are trying to achieve higher scalability and better security using their approaches.”

At the Business Stage, speakers discussed topics, including the combination of blockchain and industries, token economy, and investment trends of 2019.

An award ceremony was held for winning papers. Professors and researchers from top universities presented their papers, which covered topics from the social network, cooperation with such industries as food safety, as well as technical aspects, such as private security and smart contract application.

The highlight of the conference was the closing speech given by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, during which he highlighted the upcoming CBC Casper and Ethereum 2.0.

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