Blockchain Consulting Company BlockchainArmy Founder’s Book reaches New Highs with 25000 Copies Demand

“Blockchain: a new Model for Economy” penned by Erol User and COO Ali Sina User of BlockchainArmy has reached a milestone of 25000 copies in demand.

Ali Sina UserThe book elaborates on the concept of the innovative utility of blockchain technology in various industries. It also discloses that the new decentralized technology isn’t disruptive, but it could create a new harmonious ecosystem forming an amicable balance with the old centralized systems with a more manual approach.

It is interesting to note that this emerging blockchain technology was innovated back in 2008 to simplify the data records procedure of the Bitcoin transactions in a more democratized way.

Three different evolutions occurred out of this technology.

  • Blockchain 1.0 for money transactions, currency, and payments.
  • Blockchain 2.0 registration and transfer of contracts and verification of the transactions.
  • Blockchain 3.0 for applications in various sectors like financial services, healthcare, education, publishing, science, government, economic development Agriculture, military, art and culture activities, weather data, historical data, traffic, and many more unlimited possibilities.

Blockchain 3.0 

The book further enlightens that Blockchain technology could be complementary in the future world with a balanced space for centralized and decentralized business networks. The technology might create chaos within the traditional system, but eventually, it will evolve as a larger environment that will sync old and new systems harmonically.

Blockchain a new Model for Economy

Few examples have been elaborated about how the old and new technology clubbed together, forming a wide model of an ecosystem. Interestingly this technology can prove to be an accelerator to the old models rather than destroying them. For example, we have witnessed more sales of the records after radios hit the markets. In the latest times, the sales of hard copies of the books have increased after the invasion of eBooks in the markets.

Blockchain technology could establish a new world where the centralized ones and new decentralized business models can coexist more amicably in a larger ecosystem.

Blockchain projects, thus are gaining popularity for more transparency, more efficiency, and more security of operations. Thousands of pilot project in all spheres can be witnessed running live across the globe

BlockchainArmy services 

Blockchain army is a Turkish capital Blockchain consulting firm with venture creation services. It is spread across 20 plus countries and functioning across the globe.

With the ongoing projects in cross border payment systems, government solutions, taxation, healthcare systems, digital access exchange, BlockchainArmy is open to take new projects within every possible domain.

With its incredible expertise in the application of this technology, Blockchain Consulting Company BlockchainArmy provides extensive support throughout the installation of the application, right from forming the whitepaper to the promotion of the company on the global platforms.

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