‘Blockchain Cuties’ Gifting Digital Gifts in Celebrations of the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is here, and it is going to see some wonderful new age gifts. ‘Blockchain Cuties’- the decentralized crypto collectible game recently made an announcement for celebrating the Chinese New Year. The digital game has added a twist to the tradition of giving out the ‘lucky red envelopes.’ It will send out these envelopes and the gifts inside them will be revealed to the payers of the Blockchain Cuties only on the New Year that is today! The Blockchain cuties have also decided to launch new virtual pigs. The game is available on platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, and Torn.

The traditional Chinese ‘red envelop’ with a digital twist-

Usually, these red envelops are filled with money as per the Chinese tradition to denote good luck and heartfelt wishes. These envelopes are then exchanged between friends, family members and other relatives. With time the concept of red envelopes has become more open. For instance, it is no more restricted to the people one knows personally, but can also be shared digitally with other acquaintances, celebrities, business contacts and so on.

New pets on the Blockchain Cuties-

The digital race of animals will have another new participant this Chinese New Year. The game will launch ‘pigs’ as the new pet. The company said-

“It’s a fully playable pet- kind, which players are going to be able to breed, send to adventures, raid, exchange or sell.”

Where can one buy these pets? It is simple- players can get their hands on the new pet on the ‘Cutie Market.’ One can also get them with the help of special tickets.

How the three Blockchain platforms came together for the game-

Initially, the game was only available on Ethereum when it was launched in April last year. But now Blockchain Cutie will be available across three Blockchains which are supported by the game i.e. Ethereum, EOS, and Torn. EOS blockchain platform was added later on in November last year, which crowned the game as the- ‘the first game that officially supports two Blockchains simultaneously.’ Tron was added in later on in December. Tron then allowed the players or the users of the game to freely publish, store, as well as own entertainment content free of cost. This concept of freedom and ownership in the hands of the players- coincides with the core values of the game company too. As per the reports obtained from Cointelegraph the game company thinks that the ‘full ownership of the Cuties belongs to the players who brought or breed these non-fungible tokens.’

What the latest version of the game holds in store?

After the addition of the Tron blockchain platform, there have quite some exciting changes to the digital game. The game is now packed with things like special items and locations. There is also an addition of Tron Cuties such as ‘Red Hedgehog, Fairy Dragon, Bear-o-Bull, LilTronbeary.’

As per the company, these new exciting additions will have a positive effect on the attraction of the game as well as it will enhance the transaction speed of the game. Currently, Ethereum allows 15 transactions per second, whereas Bitcoin permits 7 transactions per second. The aim set by Tron is to reach a majestic- 1K transactions per second. As per the company users will be enjoying more opportunities with an increase in the number of transactions per second.

From where did these digital blockchain gaming trend start?

It all started in the month of June of 2017 when the first ever blockchain based game was launched with the name- ‘CryptoPunks.’ Soon after its launch another game called- ‘CryptoKittens’ got launched. This game had unique features wherein the player can collect and breed crypto cats. On a similar concept, Blockchain Cuties too expanded their blockchain gaming features. It offers unique animals such as- lizards, puppies, bears and fantastic creatures. The players can enjoy owning a unique animal with variants such as facial hair, body type, skin color, hair and eye color and so on. As one adds the new features the price of the character shoots up. In order to participate in the ‘roll the dice battles’ in the Blockchain Cuties game, the developers allow the users or the players to be able to collect, breed and even trade the cuties.

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