Blockchain project ExoWorlds takes over VeSea

ExoWorlds, which is a blockchain metaverse project, has taken over VeSea, a well-known NFT marketplace platform on VeChain. This will include its much sought-after NFT collections, VeKings and NFTPP. ExoWorlds, too, has an array of NFTs in its arsenal. The acquisition will be a step in the direction of restructuring the overall blockchain, as well as the Vechain and NFT arena. The community will come in for further options where the exposure to the metaverse is concerned. In the meantime, the team of VeSea will remain in control of day-to-day functioning. 

As a part of the understanding, VeSea will be holding onto its branding and playing the role of an individual entity in ExoWorlds’ ecosystem. ExoWorlds will be involved in working on VeSea’s launchpad and creating services related to bridging, as well as minting and staking for the connected users. In the near future, VeSea will be integrated into the ExoWorld metaverse and become a unified marketplace. 

ExoWorlds will be responsible for offering opportunities to owners of $VSEA to be able to interchange their tokens for $EXO. In the current situation, VeKings and NFTPP, along with the ExoWorlds’ collections, will be in the position of staking $GCRED. The play-and-earn system of ExoWorlds will be forwarded to the VeKings and NFTPP collections. 

At the time of the deliverance of the model, the owners VeKings, as well as NFTPP and ExoWorlds’ collections, will be coming in for the obtaining of rewards. Following the deliverance of the model, VeKings, along with NFTPP, will have the advantage of getting some tax relief. These taxes are derived from the users who are active but do not have any ownership of any of the collections. They come in for lessened play-and-earn rewards, a segment of which will go toward the taxation pool. 

Trevor Holman

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