Blockchain Technology Can Be Grasped by Crypto Users via Arkane

Despite the growing popularity of blockchain technology, user-friendly blockchain applications are still distant for the masses. Due to its complex structure, they are not able to embrace it directly. The crypto users who have multiple wallets and have multiple accounts at various exchanges find it difficult to manage and store the safety keys with complex alphanumeric characters.

Even the developers are still in a primary phase to explore the full potential of this technology and integrate its capabilities into the services and products to make it available in simpler form for the crypto users.

However, some of the wallet services and smart platforms like Quixxi Connect, Arkane, and Blockbasis provide direct access to blockchain technology and its incredible features to the crypto users.

The Arkane network is one of the most promising platforms, which facilities its users to utilize the exclusive blockchain-based features.

The Arkane users can leverage the blockchain technology unknowingly yet directly and can enjoy its benefits to transfer the cryptos from their wallet accounts.

The feature actually enables the users to send the cryptos directly to their friends via the emails under the security of blockchain technology.

Previously, the Arkane wallet users were able to send crypto assets to other Arkane wallet users through blockchain addresses, but by utilizing this new feature, they will actually be able to send Crypto through emails to those who are out of the network and are not so tech-savvy.

When any Arkane user will send crypto through email address, that address will be changed into a blockchain address by the Arkane.

The user just has to enter an email address of the recipient and the blockchain address will transfer crypto to the recipient.

How does the Mechanism work?

When the wallet user fills in the email address and executes the transaction, the Arkane network checks if the email address is known to it and it further changes the destination of the transaction to the blockchain wallet address. If the email address is unknown to the network, it further creates a blockchain wallet with a new address and informs the recipient to collect his delivery. The new recipient can receive the assets by signing in the network.

If someone has multiple blockchain wallets on the Arkane network, the network allocates him a primary wallet or “Checking Account,” which is marked by yellow star and others are marked as grey stars.

If the Arkane user wants to shift his primary wallet to another wallet, he just has to click on the one, among the other grey wallets.

What is Arkane all about?


Arkane network provides a multi-blockchain wallet facility for the crypto transfers. This network is an open ecosystem between the wallet users, DApp, and connects outsiders as well for the crypto transfers.

It acts as a translation stratum for developers to understand the blockchain language. The Arkane wallet has been developed by the developers using blockchain.

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