Blockchain to Authenticate 30% of the World’s News Contents by 2023


Smartlands, the popular platform for the tokenization of real-time assets, has come up with the new set of revelations and predictions to come in the next five years. The predictions are all about technological advancements and blockchain that are gradually replacing our lives for the betterment. According to the predictions, by 2023, 30% of the world news and video contents published, will be validated as real by blockchain countering deepfake technology. More precisely, blockchain technology will reach its pinnacle of success by 2023, when it can differentiate between fake and real news.

In this era of high-tech technology, misusing technology is not a new thing and it has enormously impacted society in every negative way. Artificial intelligence technology is being misused for “deep fake” technology to create maliciously altered videos that apparently look real and are enough to defame the targeted person in seconds, once it goes viral. The rapid proliferation of such fake news and video can be attributed to bot-controlled accounts on social media platforms that manage to attract more viewers as compared to authentic news. However, we should not automatically believe that a particular video is real and has not been altered unless there is a proven technology to authenticate its realness. Here is where blockchain technology can come into rescue, and this is what that has been predicted by Smartlands. Smartlands also predicted that by the year 2021, at least ten major news organizations will be using blockchain technology to authenticate the news published.

Apart from this, Smartlands has also made other predictions about AI oversight, which is likely going to expand the employment opportunities for the disabled employees, who previously had to face countless rejections for not being fit. As such, a self-regulating association of AI oversight will be implemented in at least 4 of the G7 countries. Engaging disable employees into the workforce not only sends a signal of empathy towards the employees but also increases the overall productivity of the company.


Again, contrary to the boon that AI is imposing on the modern-day world, it has its negative impacts as well. Smartlands predicted that by 2024, the World Health Organization or WHO will be considering online shopping as an “addictive disorder” as it causes extreme financial stress to the customers. Online retailers are increasingly using AI to target the customers and prompting them to spend excessively than they should, thereby causing excessive financial stress.


Scott Cook

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