BlockchainSpace Purchase Court in Realm for Guild Development

BlockchainSpace (BSPC) receives support from Realm to establish its very own microverse in the metaverse. The exclusive space built for BSPC will be used for holding virtual events, games, and other community-based activities. This mutually beneficial partnership will bring the necessary resources and tools for both projects to further their visions.

Recent times have seen significant growth in the area of GameFi, opening up new economic opportunities. However, it is not as easy as one might think to explore the opportunities in this developing area, which is why the number of P2E guilds and hubs has increased lately.

BSPC is one of the P2E hubs created to help gamers and guilds to explore blockchain gaming and the metaverse. Yet, it is not just gaming BSPC is interested in; the community; also offers networking tools, financial solutions, and other opportunities from GameFi. The P2E hub has devised educational programs to teach youngsters about the potential of gaming in the blockchain industry and the economic side.

It is a coordinated effort to help independent developers and gamers in blockchain gaming. Thanks to their efforts, users no longer have to spend their time acquiring this knowledge and directly get to where the opportunities lie.

Now, BSPC has acquired a piece of virtual land known as Court in the Realm metaverse. The guild will use this piece of digital land to promote its products, hold events, list co-branded NFTs, and display leaderboards from the guild. BSPC members will also be allowed to compete against their peers for exclusive rewards and prices.

Realm is a mobile-based metaverse project that offers Play-to-Own (P2O) opportunities for gaming communities worldwide. The metaverse had repurposed the P2E as P2O to emphasize ownership and agency among its users. Realm allows users to own everything in the metaverse, including assets, avatars, and other collectibles as NFTs. On top of that, playing games in Realm also brings the opportunity to earn native REALM tokens.

The partnership with BSPC will allow Realm to explore and expand into new areas in GameFi. BSPC’s arrival into the metaverse would also mean that users will get direct access to P2E guilds and a suite of other services from them in the future. To top it all off, BlockchainSpace comes with a community of 2 million gamers from around the globe to partake in the P2E offerings in Realm.

BlockchainSpace believes in the potential of P2E startups in fundamentally changing the financial conditions of gamers around the world. It has been often emphasized that the gamers have not been properly compensated for their contributions to the gaming industry. By bringing 23,000 guilds and more than 2 million gamers to Realm, BSPC hopes it can open opportunities that otherwise would have remained closed for the gaming community.

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