BlockDAG achieves $15.3M in presale, revolutionizing 2024’s cryptocurrency landscape and influencing Ethereum prices

The successful launch of its presale has generated a significant $15.3 million, with a distribution of over 7 billion coins to date. Currently in its sixth phase, BlockDAG offers its tokens at an appealing rate of $0.0045 each, sparking considerable attention. Financial analysts have accordingly adjusted their projections for BlockDAG, now estimating its value could skyrocket by up to 20,000 times.

The remarkable ascent of GRAM: A 28,000-time value increase since launch

From its launch on January 30th, the GRAM token has experienced an exponential increase in value, soaring from $0.00000107 to $0.03, with a peak reaching $0.044. Originating from the TON blockchain, GRAM has attracted a broad user base with its simple GPU mining process, marking it as the first Proof of Work (PoW) token in the TON ecosystem.

BlockDAG-Crypto Tsunami

With 1,750,000,000 tokens mined out of a 5 billion total, GRAM’s popularity surge has earned it the moniker “the Bitcoin on Telegram,” reflecting its decentralized nature and rapid transaction capabilities. Its presence on decentralized trading platforms within the TON network points to a bright future, including potential listings on leading exchanges. 

Adjustments in Ethereum’s value: Indications of potential downtrends

Ethereum’s value is currently adjusting, with prices moving below the $3,680 mark against the US Dollar. The cryptocurrency is now trading beneath $3,550 and struggling against the 55 simple moving average (SMA) on a 4-hour chart, facing resistance near $3,500.


Should it drop below the $3,300 support level, we might see further declines toward $3,200. The growing bearish momentum, as indicated by the MACD and an RSI below 50, suggests Ethereum may continue to face downward pressures, especially if it fails to stay above the critical $3,300 support zone. 

Unveiling BlockDAG’s financial breakthrough: Aiming for remarkable profits in 2024

BlockDAG is redefining the financial sphere with its innovative Crypto Payment Card, establishing itself as a leading cryptocurrency for 2024. This advancement merges cryptocurrency with everyday financial transactions while ensuring unmatched security, marking a significant step towards blending digital and conventional financial systems.

The project has gained considerable momentum from its second whitepaper release, leading to an extraordinary presale achievement of $15.3 million and the distribution of more than 7 billion coins. With the current coin price at merely $0.0045, anticipation for BlockDAG is mounting. Financial experts now foresee potential returns of up to 20,000 times, positioning BlockDAG as a crucial cryptocurrency for the year 2024.

Unveiling BlockDAG’s financial breakthrough Aiming for remarkable profits in 2024

Enhanced by practical applications and a user-friendly mobile app that simplifies crypto mining, BlockDAG encourages widespread participation in its ecosystem, showcasing a unique opportunity for engaging with the future of finance.

The tech behind BDAG is a hybrid, merging both Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG), a vanguard structure that helps enhance transaction speed, and Proof-of-Work (PoW), the most effective consensus technique used by major crypto giants to address questions like scalability, decentralization, or security.

Final analysis

The shifts in Ethereum’s pricing, paired with GRAM’s significant rise, highlight the changing dynamics within the crypto market, setting the stage for BlockDAG’s emergence as a pioneering force in financial technology. The excitement generated by its whitepaper and expert predictions of up to a 20,000x increase in profits (it’s expected to climb to 30,000x soon) underscores the growing interest in BlockDAG’s prospects.

These developments present BlockDAG as a strong contender in the competitive field of top cryptocurrencies for 2024, representing a critical moment for investors eager to lead in the realm of cryptocurrency innovation. BlockDAG symbolizes progress, security, and the potential for considerable growth, marking an exciting phase in the evolution of digital finance.

BlockDAG-Crypto Tsunami

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