BlockDAG Network allows earning 75K BDAG daily with new miners as Bitcoin Mining picks up pace in hopes of a 192% surge

January 2024 has brought new hopes for the altcoin community, with Bitcoin (BTC) maintaining its influence over the market. Bitcoin miners have also excelled in their efforts to get more of the BTC as the Bitcoin halving event is set to happen in Q2 of 2024. 

The crypto market is expected to boom due to the event’s aftermath, while analysts predict the Bitcoin price will reach $125,000. Moreover, BlockDAG (BDAG) presale has hit $1 million in 24 hours and has launched its X-Series mining equipment for crypto miners to earn BDAG daily, based on their preferences.

Bitcoin Eyes the $50K Mark 

Bitcoin is back in the market with a boom; as a New Year surprise, BTC crossed the $45,000 mark as soon as it stepped into 2024. The approval of spot Bitcoin ETF grows stronger anticipations for BTC to reach $50K. In addition, the Bitcoin funding rate continues to rise, suggesting that crypto miners hold strong bullish hopes and anticipate imminent approval of an ETF for Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin dominance indicator declines to 50.3%, meaning the altcoin season is approaching, pushing up the whole crypto market. The effect will squeeze the future market, increasing Bitcoin price near the $50,000 mark—the predictions direct BTC to cross 50,000 within the first month of 2024.

Why is Bitcoin Mining Picking Up?

With the Bitcoin halving event to take place in April 2024, the Bitcoin ETF approval is already being looked past. The Bitcoin Miners have increased their activity as 2024 starts. Bitcoin mining companies have been shown to limit the supply of BTC as the halving event gets closer. Learning from the past, the event has always led to an increase in Bitcoin price, resulting in a supply shortage in the crypto market.

Bitcoin Mining

The halving cycles over the years 2020, 2016, and 2012 have shown an average return of more than 192%. At the same time, crypto enthusiasts predict that Bitcoin will hit the last set target of $125,000. The Bitcoin miners are cashing in on the opportunity to get their hands on as many BTC rewards as possible and gain from the future of the crypto giant.

BlockDAG Coin Debuts High Power Miners 

After securing a presale of $1 million in 24 hours, BlockDAG has provided crypto miners with an opportunity to earn with its latest mining hardware. The introduction of the mining equipment aligns with the vision of BlockDAG developers to hit $600 million in 2024. 

The X-Series allows users to earn BDAG daily based on their preferences, making it a popular altcoin choice. The most basic version, X1, allows users to earn 125 BDAG, while the highest-performing device offers users the capability to earn 75,000 BDAG.

Besides the devices, BlockDAG offers its users dedicated support for each X-Series Model. Each of the BlockDAG mining hardware has been designed to be energy-efficient and less noisy to give better performance in every environment. 

The user-friendly interface makes BDAG mining equipment a go-to option for miners. Additionally, BlockDAG offers a daily engagement reward program where users contribute to the network daily and earn additional mining rates.

The Wrap Up

Bitcoin miners have increased their Bitcoin mining speed with the Bitcoin halving event coming up in Q2 of 2024. Analysts predict BTC to hit the $125,000 mark as the event unfolds. Learning from the past, the rise in Bitcoin price will open new doors for altcoin investors. BlockDAG, an emerging name in the crypto world, has launched its X-Series mining equipment, allowing crypto miners to earn 125 BDAG to 75,000 BDAG daily.


Invest in BlockDAG and Cash In On the X-Series Potential






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