BlockDAG raises $12M in presale and debuts groundbreaking whitepaper vs amid AIOZ Network & Velo crypto’s price hype

Amidst the whirlwind of excitement surrounding cryptocurrencies like AIOZ Network and Velo crypto’s price predictions, a silent yet significant contender BlockDAG is stealing the spotlight for its massive ROI potential and blockchain and mining technology. 

As Velo crypto experiences an impressive surge in its price, and AIOZ Network makes strategic strides in partnership and growth, BlockDAG quietly emerges as a game-changer in the mining landscape, promising accessibility, sustainability, and profitability. Let’s delve deeper into how BlockDAG is reshaping the future of crypto mining.

Velo crypto price

Velo, a cryptocurrency gaining traction in the market, has recently surged in performance and is drawing considerable attention. Currently priced at $0.0098, Velo has experienced a remarkable 66.68% increase in the past week, reflecting growing investor confidence. 


Forecasts for Velo’s trajectory in 2024-2025 indicate substantial growth potential. Projections suggest its value could soar to $0.0279 by the end of 2024, marking a significant 164.17% rise from its current level. 

Looking ahead, a bullish trend is anticipated, with Velo expected to reach $0.0343 within the next month, indicating a substantial 224.97% surge. 

AIOZ network news

Recent developments and statistical insights about AIOZ Network for 2024-25 portray a dynamic landscape. AIOZ saw a notable 3.35% price surge end of March, which highlights the active market dynamics and fosters positive investor sentiment.

This surge follows a pivotal move made by AIOZ Network in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, announced on March 22, 2024, to establish a DePIN alliance in Southeast Asia. The predictive analysis further illuminates potential price movements, indicating a highest price projection of $1.01 and an average potential price of $0.94 for March 2024. 

BlockDAG to rule crypto mining 2.0

BlockDAG is revolutionizing the mining landscape, ensuring accessibility for all with its user-friendly approach. Blending DAG and Proof of Work offer a swift and environmentally conscious mining experience, leading the charge toward a greener future in cryptocurrency mining. Its hybrid system balances performance and resource consumption, allowing effortless participation without compromising hardware integrity.

With robust security measures and reliable proof of work, BlockDAG prepares for a significant launch within six months, promising enhanced efficiency and profitability. The X-Series mining rigs, including X10, X30, and X100, epitomize power and intelligence, meticulously managing heat to ensure sustained long-term profitability. Moreover, BlockDAG introduces mobile mining through its X1 model, turning smartphones into mining tools and broadening accessibility.

BlockDAG to rule crypto mining 2.0

The X1 mobile app enables users to mine BDAG coins seamlessly, offering a convenient way to earn rewards while on the move. This innovation democratizes mining and aligns with BlockDAG’s commitment to making cryptocurrency accessible to all.

Launching its technical whitepaper, the network has also featured at the Las Vegas Sphere. The whitepaper sheds light on the network’s commitment to a Low Code, No Code ecosystem, aimed at facilitating the seamless deployment of smart contracts by other projects.

BlockDAG’s innovative blend of technology and sustainability reshapes the mining landscape. Whether through powerful rigs or mobile applications, it provides flexible avenues for users to participate and earn rewards. With BlockDAG, mining becomes profitable, inclusive, and environmentally conscious, heralding a new era in cryptocurrency mining.

Summing up 

In a rapidly evolving crypto landscape, where coins like Velo and AIOZ Network dominate headlines, BlockDAG Mining stands out as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. With its user-friendly approach, powerful mining rigs, and eco-conscious practices, BlockDAG is not just mining for coins; it’s paving the way for a more inclusive, profitable, and environmentally friendly mining ecosystem. As the crypto world continues to evolve, BlockDAG’s influence is set to grow, offering a glimpse into the future of crypto mining 2.0.

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