Post-Keynote 2 boom: BlockDAG scoops $49.5M in presale, leaving ApeCoin & Theta in the shade!

BlockDAG has captured significant interest with its latest Keynote 2, broadcast directly from the moon, which announced the beta release of the X1 Miner app. This pivotal event has propelled BlockDAG’s presale efforts, amassing an impressive $49.5 million and selling over 11.4 billion BDAG coins. At the same time, recent price analyses indicate ApeCoin is on the verge of a substantial price surge. Additionally, Theta Network is advancing the video streaming sector with its innovative decentralized approach, continually setting new standards for sharing and consuming digital content.

ApeCoin nears a breakthrough

Current price analysis of ApeCoin indicates a consolidation phase with low trading volume, hinting at an impending dynamic price move. Over the recent week, ApeCoin has encountered resistance just under the higher dollar margin while maintaining support slightly over a dollar. 

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Despite potential bullish signals, the token has struggled to sustain momentum, resulting in a generally neutral, bearish trend. A notable double-bottom pattern on the weekly chart suggests a brighter outlook, with key support observed around the lower dollar mark.

Theta Network: Innovating video streaming

Developed by Theta Labs, Theta Network introduces a decentralized video streaming model, starkly contrasting conventional platforms like Netflix and YouTube. It integrates three primary elements: the Theta protocol for decentralized video delivery, the Theta blockchain for transaction records, and the Theta token to incentivize users. The network benefits from a peer-to-peer model, which decreases reliance on centralized servers, improves reliability, and reduces buffering times. Theta Network also significantly bolsters security and user privacy with its hybrid consensus mechanism and robust encryption.

BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 sparks a bullish trend

BlockDAG’s Keynote 2, centered on a lunar theme, has successfully catalyzed a bullish trend with the beta release of the X1 Crypto Miner app, now downloadable on both Android and Apple devices. This release aims to improve user interaction and mining efficiency, demonstrating BlockDAG’s focus on pioneering innovations. The keynote also highlighted the upcoming mainnet launch, which is set to shift the cryptocurrency landscape significantly in just four months. 

During its Devnet stage, BlockDAG developed a sophisticated peer-to-peer engine and a Block & DAG algorithm compatible with EVM. It is on the verge of completing MetaMask integration. A Testnet is planned for mid-August, with the mainnet to follow, resolving any detected issues. 

BlockDAG's Keynote 2 sparks a bullish trend

The ongoing presale is robust, generating $500k daily, potentially escalating to $5 million as it concludes before the mainnet launch. BlockDAG has also secured an exclusive partnership with Plus Wallet for this event. In its 18th presale batch at $0.0122 per coin, the platform has raised $49.5 million by selling over 11.3 billion BDAG coins, marking an 1120% increase from the initial pricing.

Final thoughts

In summary, BlockDAG’s ongoing presale reflects an astonishing 1120% surge in price, from its start to batch 18, where the coin is now valued at $0.0122. This notable growth highlights the robustness of its infrastructure and strategic advancements. As we examine ApeCoin’s price trends and Theta Network’s innovative approach to video streaming, it is evident that BlockDag is a dominant force in the cryptocurrency world, poised for continued expansion and influence.

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