Layer 1 news: BlockDAG’s 30,000x ROI captivates investors amid Monero & Notcoin’s market struggles

As the cryptocurrency sector sees fluctuating trends, Monero displays modest gains while Notcoin grapples with market pressures affecting its trading volume. Amidst this, investors are shifting focus to newer, promising projects. BlockDAG, a premier layer-1 initiative, has captivated many with its robust presale performance, setting it apart as the go-to investment. With cutting-edge technology, BlockDAG is on track to hit a $30 price target by 2030, aiming for a 30,000x ROI. Its presale has already exceeded $51.4 million, indicating strong investor confidence. Positioned as a top cryptocurrency prospect for 2024, BlockDAG is outpacing traditional leaders with its visionary long-term prospects.

Decline in Notcoin’s trading volume 

Recently, Notcoin, known for its role in the Telegram-based TON network and its interactive meme coin game, has faced significant hurdles. Following a promising announcement, its value dipped by 15% to $0.016, marking its position as the 58th largest crypto by market capitalization at $1.64 billion. Furthermore, Notcoin experienced a 14% reduction in trading volume, falling to $700 million, compounded by the revocation of its smart contract which capped the total coin supply at 102.7 billion NOT.

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A closer look reveals a decrease in open interest from $67.6 million to $63.4 million within a day, with over $4 million worth of liquidations. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) also dropped from 96 to 74, dampening the initial excitement. Despite a subsequent 12% uptick, the market remains wary of Notcoin’s stability, closely monitoring for any signs of a rebound.

Monero’s ascendancy and optimistic outlook

Monero has rebounded impressively, with its valuation peaking at $182—the highest since January 2023—marking an 80% rise from this year’s low. The recent MoneroKon conference in Prague, which emphasized privacy and security, significantly bolstered this uptrend. Monero’s appeal continues to grow due to its robust privacy features, including stealth addresses and ring signatures, which are particularly attractive in an era of heightened regulatory focus.

The technical analysis further supports a bullish scenario for Monero, with the cryptocurrency forming a golden cross and surpassing the crucial $180.58 resistance. Analysts are now suggesting that Monero’s price could soon breach the $200 threshold, aligning with positive future forecasts that anticipate sustained market growth driven by investor demand for secure, privacy-centric cryptocurrencies.

BlockDAG’s technological edge and market potential

BlockDAG has significantly influenced the crypto-mining sector with its pioneering X series miners. With the presale amassing more than $51.4 million and sales of 11.6 billion coins at a rate of $0.0122 each, investor enthusiasm is palpable. These sophisticated miners, including the X10, X30, and X100 models, are pivotal in promoting BlockDAG’s market penetration and adoption.

These advanced mining solutions are propelling BlockDAG towards achieving a $30 valuation by 2030, with the potential for a 30,000x ROI. Such ambitious targets place BlockDAG as a prominent contender in the market, appealing to both retail and institutional investors.

BlockDAG's technological edge and market potential

With a comprehensive strategy encompassing an imminent mainnet launch and continuous innovation, BlockDAG’s trajectory is set for significant growth. This strategic foundation is expected to sustain BlockDAG’s progression as a leading investment choice, offering substantial returns in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency arena.

Insightful takeaways

Amid the challenges and prospects faced by Notcoin and Monero, BlockDAG’s goal to hit a $20 price point by 2027 positions it as an enticing prospect for 2024’s crypto investors. The sophisticated technology of BlockDAG’s X series miners underpins its surge, aiming for a $30 target by 2030 and the possibility of delivering a 30,000x ROI. The success of its presale, which gathered over $51.4 million, underscores strong market confidence. 

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