BlockDAG’s updated dashboard & $28.6M presale casting a shadow over Chainlink (LINK) price & crypto

Amid the broader cryptocurrency volatility, where Chainlink (LINK) price shows a notable dip and crypto innovates in AI, BlockDAG stands out with its top crypto presale success, introducing its latest dashboard update to enhance transparency. BlockDAG’s latest figures reveal a robust market uptake, with batch 13 sales pushing totals to $28.6 million and over 9.3 billion BDAG coins sold, underscoring a growing investor confidence in its unique offerings.

Chainlink (LINK) price plummets amid market instability

Chainlink (LINK) price has significantly declined, plummeting recently, reflecting the broader cryptocurrency market’s instability. The Chainlink (LINK) price recently breached its crucial support level, highlighting a shift towards increased selling pressure.

As the Chainlink (LINK) price navigates through turbulent market conditions, a potential descent toward a lower support level looms if current trends persist. However, a bullish resurgence could see it challenge and potentially overcome the support mark again, aiming for higher resistance if sustained buying occurs.

Blockdag featured on coinmarketcap crypto: Expanding AI and market prospects crypto is carving out a niche in the decentralized AI sector, fostering an innovative environment where developers can deploy autonomous agents on its blockchain. This platform is distinguished by a marketplace that promotes the creation and exchange of machine learning models.

Recently, has integrated Meta’s LLama 3-8B model, enhancing its AI capabilities significantly. This move has positively influenced market sentiment, evidenced by a favorable shift in the Chaikin Money Flow indicator, suggesting an uptick in buying pressure. With these developments, is gearing up for potential growth and increased token valuation.

BlockDAG’s enhanced dashboard and stellar market achievements

BlockDAG has recently revitalized its user dashboard, significantly improving transparency and engagement for its community. This revamped interface includes a “My Transactions” feature where users can meticulously monitor their transaction history across various stages and in over eight currencies, including BTC, ETH, and USDT.

The “Live Transactions” feature offers a dynamic view of ongoing transactions, categorizing spenders from ‘Crab’ (under $99) to ‘Whale’ (over $50,000) based on the dollar amount invested. Additionally, the dashboard showcases a Leaderboard of the top 30 buyers and a Referral Screen that tracks earned bonuses.

BlockDAG hosted a notable event at London’s Piccadilly Circus, highlighting its robust market presence and top crypto presale success. The prices have risen With each successive presale batch, with the latest, batch 13, tagged at $0.008. BlockDAG has amassed $28.6 million through these efforts, selling over 9.3 billion BDAG coins and 5,766 miners.

The X series miners, especially the X10 model, have been pivotal in this surge. Offering a 100 MH/s hash rate, the X10 combines high efficiency, minimal noise, and an easy setup, catering to novices and seasoned miners alike, thereby encapsulating performance and convenience in one sleek package.

Bdag takes over london

Assessing BlockDAG’s market position relative to competitors

Compared to the unstable Chainlink (LINK) price and the tech-driven appeal of crypto, BlockDAG emerges as a compelling choice due to its top crypto presale achievements and substantial market traction. With its enhanced user dashboard and the strong performance of the X10 miner series, BlockDAG captivates investors and promises sustained growth and innovation in the blockchain space, making it an optimal investment amidst current market conditions.

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