Which cryptocurrency to invest in June 2024: BlockDAG presale hits $52.2M, XRP prices remain undervalued, & Cosmos faces outage

Despite Ripple (XRP) achieving regulatory clearance, it still trades under $0.5, leaving its advocates disheartened. Cosmos encountered a significant setback with a nearly four-hour downtime during its v17 upgrade, showcasing some vulnerabilities. Conversely, BlockDAG is pioneering new frontiers in the cryptocurrency realm. Its Beta X1 Miner App introduces a groundbreaking way to mine on smartphones, offering an energy-saving, user-friendly mining option for BDAG coins. This innovation has successfully garnered $52.2 million in its presale, marking a significant 1120% increase from its initial batch.

What’s keeping XRP prices down?

Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse expresses frustration over XRP’s sustained low valuation despite its clear regulatory standing in the US Currently trading below $0.5, XRP faces criticism, with some labeling it as a “dead coin”.

XRP saw a temporary rise to $0.93 following a July 2023 court decision that declared it was not a security. However, it subsequently fell by 50%, even after its re-listing on prominent US exchanges and inclusion in Grayscale’s investment portfolio. Garlinghouse is baffled by the market’s disregard for XRP’s regulatory transparency.

What’s keeping XRP prices down?

Pro-XRP analyst BarriC predicts that XRP’s real potential will be unleashed when it reaches $5, possibly soaring to $1,000 due to its applications in payments and tokenization.

Technical setback for Cosmos Hub during v17 update

The Cosmos Hub network faced an unexpected nearly four-hour interruption on June 5, due to a glitch during its v17 upgrade. This disruption halted block production, critical for its proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and its mission to interlink various blockchains.

The fault originated from a flaw in the Liquid Staking Module (LSM), crucial to the upgrade. The Cosmos development team, with Informal Systems and Hypha, quickly identified and fixed the issue. Normal block production resumed after most validators applied the correction to ensure network integrity.

Technical setback for Cosmos Hub during v17 update

BlockDAG’s X1 miner app sets new standards in smartphone mining, hits $52.2M in presale

BlockDAG has bolstered market confidence by launching the Beta version of its X1 Mobile Miner App, which has revolutionized the efficiency of mining BDAG coins via smartphones. This app’s pioneering, energy-saving consensus algorithm minimizes battery and data usage, integrates proof of engagement with everyday mobile devices, and enables mining at any time and place. The successful presale, having raised $52.2 million, underscores the app’s impact and the robust investor interest.

Available on iOS through TestFlight globally and on Android via the Google Play Store, the Beta X1 Miner App keeps participants informed through ongoing updates via email as it moves towards full development.

BlockDAG’s X1 miner app sets new standards in smartphone mining, hits $52.2M in presale

BlockDAG also provides a cloud mining service, allowing users to mine remotely without physical hardware, offering flexible contracts to suit various user needs.

These pioneering initiatives have propelled BlockDAG’s presale to Batch 18, with a coin price now at $0.0122, showing an impressive 1120% growth from its initial batch. BlockDAG continues to lead with its accessible and potent investment opportunities.

Key points

While Ripple and Cosmos demonstrate potential, BlockDAG’s trailblazing methods distinguish it as a top investment option. The X1 Miner App revolutionizes smartphone mining, making it appealing for both novices and seasoned users. With its continued presale success and significant price advancements, BlockDAG reaffirms its standing in the cryptocurrency sector, driven by its commitment to user-friendly and energy-efficient mining solutions. 

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